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We’re your 24/7 tech support team, ready to set up and fix your mobile, tablet or computer, and help you master it. We can help you in selected Carphone Warehouse stores and over the phone.

What makes an Agent?

That crisp white shirt, those shiny shoes, the clip-on tie. You're looking at a Geek Squad Agent alright. But what's the awesome sauce that makes up our DNA?

Mouth & jargon-filter

Jargon goes in, sensible sentences come out. No need to over complicate the already complex.

Extra-empathy ears

Specially trained to listen extra hard and pinpoint problems at fifty paces.

Short sleeved white shirt

With straight-point collars. Worn even in the dead of winter. Our sleeves don't get in the way of wires. Plus, the cuffs stay super clean - because there are none.

Black clip-on tie

Authentic polyester clip-on tie, complete with Geek Squad pin and a safety release to save us from strangulation by printer.

White athletic crew socks

Our socks are always on show, so we keep them completely spotless and bright white.

Black leather lace-ups

Agent-issue black dress shoes, polished to a high shine and kept super clean and shiny. Very dashing.

High-tech brain

Able to absorb, retain and explain even the most technical information. Powered by chocolate buttons and fizzy drinks.

Heart of solid gold

Strong enough to support every customer, soft enough to melt at every plate of thank you cookies.

The badge

Agent Badges aren't given, they're earned. Every one has a unique serial number. Legend has it that badge 001 is reserved for you, our customers.

Black belt with silver buckle

An essential piece of kit - without our belts, our badges wouldn't hang properly.

Black trousers

Black-as-night Agent-issue trousers. Designed to cover exploded pen stains and keep us looking sharp.

You'll find us in lots of places...

Store locator

We have Agents waiting to help in Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK.

Where did we come from?

Geek Squad started out as a small tech support firm in Minnesota, USA. Now it’s a global business, with Agents stationed in Carphone Warehouse stores across Europe and in Best Buy stores worldwide.

Who are we?

We’re dedicated tech support specialists, working in partnership with Carphone Warehouse to support your mobiles, tablets and computers. We offer a range of service plans to suit your needs, as well as in store we are on the phone.

How can we help you?

Geek Squad offer 24 hour technology support and service plans tailored to your devices, with insurance cover and Agent help included. We can help with almost any gadget, from your smartphone to your Apple Mac.

Where can you find us?

We have Geek Squad Agents stationed in many Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK, you can use the store locator to find your nearest Agent. We’re also available 24/7 via our UK freephone number.