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Password  4_3

Is this the end of the password?

Could passwords soon be on the way out as the most secure way to log in to our smartphones? We take a look at the rise of biometric technology and what this could mean for the future of smartphone security.

by Agent Andrews

Future smartwatch

What's the future of smartwatches?

From wireless payment technology to water resistance, we take a look at what the future may hold for smartwatches.

by Agent Andrews

Amazon TV  4_3

Meet Amazon's new set-top box

Amazon Fire TV is a media-streaming set-top box, already available in the US and expected to arrive soon in the UK. Let Agent Hembrow introduce you.

by Agent Hembrow

Windows 8.1

What's new in Windows Phone 8.1?

Microsoft has officially unveiled its update to Windows 8.1, which includes some nifty enhancements to existing features and some brand new ones. Agent Tufts takes a look.

by Agent Tufts

HTC One M8 4_3 4

HTC One (M8) expert review

We review the new HTC One (M8) and find out if it lives up to the HTC legacy when it comes to design, usability and performance.

by Agent Lee