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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 setup and user guide

Unboxing your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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If you’re reading this, hopefully you are the proud owner of a brand new Galaxy Note II, one of the most beautiful and brilliant Android-powered smarpthones, in this Agent's humble opinion. Enough with the preamble, let's get unboxing and show off your new smartphone to the world.

Getting started with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We'll be right here with you as you move through the Note 2 set up steps in this self help guide. As a learning series, it's split into bite-size chunks that are designed to be easy to follow, so you can get up and running with your new Samsung smartphone ASAP. You don’t have to follow the Note 2 learning series steps in order either; want to customise your wallpaper first and set up your email later? Simply jump to the section you want, by clicking on the handy links at the bottom of this page.

First things first, what’s in the box?

You have probably already opened the box and got the phone out to play with it, I know I would have, and why not, it is yours after all. So what should you expect to find in the Galaxy Note 2 box? Here is a handy list:

  1. Handset
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Samsung Headphones
  4. Micro USB to USB cable
  5. Plug Head for changing with the USB cable
  6. Battery

Make sure you also have your MicroSIM card and we are ready to begin.

Get your Galaxy Note 2 plugged in and powered up

First let’s place the MicroSIM in the phone and pop the battery in too. Your phone will likely need charging so plug the USB cable it in to the plug and charge this new toy until its ready for use.

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