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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 setup and user guide

How to set up the internet on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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To make the most of your new smartphone, you need to connect it to the internet. Once you have set up a Wi-Fi network on your Galaxy Note 2 it's easy to re-connect, and your mobile network connection can usually be set up in just a few clicks. Remember, you can call us for help 24/7.

How to set up the internet on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Getting your smartphone online gives you access to a whole world of fun and useful content. Think how much time is wasted in waiting rooms and airport lounges that could be used to update your Facebook status or watching those all-important cat videos on YouTube!

How to set up Wi-Fi on your Galaxy Note 2

The first way to connect to your phone to the internet is through a secure Wi-Fi connection,

Agent tip

It’s a good idea to connect to Wi-Fi when downloading apps and browsing the internet as you won’t run down your monthly mobile data.

these days most people have one in their home. To get connected, simply tap the Apps icon in the bottom right, then tap the Settings icon in the list that appears (if you can’t see it try scrolling left/right).

  • Once in settings, tap Wi-Fi to see the local wireless networks (make sure Wi-Fi is turned on by sliding the switch at the top on the screen)
  • Finally, tap on the network you want to connect to and enter the wireless key.
How to connect to a wireless network for internet on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How to set up Mobile Data on your Galaxy Note 2

The second way to connect to the internet is by your mobile network such as Orange or O2. These days all mobile phone contracts come with a data allowance, this is the amount of data you are allowed to download each month through your mobile network. Be careful you don’t go over this limit or you could be charged extra, instead keep track of you data usage with the Carphone Warehouse Bill Angel App.

So let’s get you connected. First, tap the Apps icon in the bottom right, then from the list locate the Settings icon (if you can’t see it, try scrolling left/right). Once in Settings, tap on Data Usage and tick the box in the top right to turn on mobile data access

Note: Here you can also see a summary of your usage and set data limits to warn you when you get close to the limit.

How to set up 3G mobile internet on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2

You can also see what speed network you are connected to by checking the symbol in the top right corner of the screen (next to your signal bars). If you see an “E” or “G” then you're connected to one of the lower speed mobile networks that unfortunately don’t support internet browsing. If you can see “3G” or “H” then you’re connected to a faster mobile network, browse away!

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