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Top free PC games

If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, or you just fancy something different, there are hundreds of completely free computer games available online, ready to download to your desktop PC or laptop. So in no particular order, here's a list of some of the best free computer games you can play without spending a single penny.

Over the last few months we've amassed quite a collection of free content, so feel free to browse around or click on the links below to jump to the section of your choice.

  1. Free online multiplayer games
  2. Free single player/local multiplayer games
  3. Free browser-based games
  4. Older free games archive

Free Online Multiplayer games

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Ubisoft Montreal

Mighty Quest

Set in the cloud kingdom of Opulencia, the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is a tongue-in-cheek game where defence-building strategy meets isometric RPG hack-and-slash adventuring. Or, if you aren’t new to PC gaming, think Dungeon Keeper meets Diablo.

You initially choose a hero from an exotic cast, featuring a powerful evil mage, a heroic but pompous knight, a surly one-eyed archer and a newly released axe-wielding runaway teenage rebel. Once you’ve chosen a hero and learned the controls, you’re awarded a castle of your own which will be filled with the loot plundered from other players. As your castle can also be attacked by other players, you must defend it with a host of hazardous traps and populate it with all kinds of over-the-top minions and boss characters.

The task is to level up your character while adventuring and find all kinds of weapons, armour and loot to plunder. This treasure can then be used to upgrade your character with new equipment or to build stronger castle defences to throw off any unwanted intruders. Some items can be bought with real money to speed up progress through the game, but it can all be achieved for free by putting in extra play time.


Adhesive Games


Released on Steam Greenlight as part of the Early Access program, Hawken is a first-person shooter where players pilot death-dealing mechanized war machines in battles against other machines on futuristic battlefields. Battles are frantic and fast-paced and are brimming with a vast variety of weapons and gadgets to help crush the opposition into scrap metal.

Battlefields quickly becoming littered with broken mechs, swirling dust clouds and red-hot tracer fire to create a seriously impressive visual aesthetic. Gunfire, explosions and stomping steel create a brilliant audio landscape which only adds to the game’s appeal. Respawn Entertainment’s recent Titanfall revolutionised the FPS genre with its mixture of free-running and mech combat, and although Hawken may not have free-running, it excels in the latter.

Several mech types are available ranging from fast, lightly armoured Infiltrators to hulking, behemoth Vanguard types. Primary and secondary weapons can be configured to suit a particular play style. Assault rifles, flak cannons, railguns and rocket launchers are but a few of the vast arsenal available to you in gameplay. There are also a huge number of consumable gadgets to deploy during combat, including EMP mines, auto-turrets, holograms and shields. The range of customisation is extensive, so there’s a setup to suit every playing style.

No More Room in Hell


NMRIH - 267

Starting life as a Half Life 2 mod, this standalone version aims to be a realistic approach to surviving a zombie apocalypse. The world is over and civilisation has been brought to a standstill with only a few non-infected survivors remaining. Playing as one of these survivors, you can work with other players co-operatively to scavenge each map for weapons, limited ammo and scarce supplies.

Different game types exist in the form of objective and survival modes. In objective mode, a randomisation system is used to create different branching objectives for each game to enhance replayability. Survival mode sees the players defend pre-determined safe zones from waves of zombies while also fighting to stay alive. Each wave becomes increasingly more difficult, with more zombies in each wave and with more dangerous zombie types such as runners and burning zombies added to the mix.

Realism takes a front seat here too, because whenever you’re attacked by a zombie, there is a chance that you’ll become infected. Infection is almost certainly a death sentence but this can be delayed by locating Phalanx medication. Upon death, you’ll rise to become a member of the undead and will fight against the group. The big question - should you announce the affliction to keep the group safe or keep it hidden in the hope of finding a cure?

Renegade X

Totem Arts

Renegade X - 267

Renegade X is a spiritual successor to the great but flawed Command and Conquer: Renegade, which was originally released in 2002. 12 years later, a dedicated team of volunteers has crafted an expertly realised remake to revolutionise the FPS/RTS genre using Unreal Engine 3. Players fight for supremacy in 64 player battles as either the militaristic Global Defence Initiative or the devious Brotherhood of Nod.

In the ‘Command and Conquer Mode’, players can take advantage of Tiberium refineries to earn valuable in-game currency. This currency can then be used to acquire upgrades, buy weapons and gain special items. Further credits can be earned by killing enemy players, destroying rival buildings and healing allies. Tanks, artillery and helicopters can be purchased for large amounts of currency but can quickly help change the outcome of skirmishes.

Buildings can also be destroyed from within by infiltrating the base with infantry and planting explosives or orbital weapon beacons to cause devastating damage. Engineer classes can be used to repair damaged buildings and allied vehicles but are vulnerable due to their lack of powerful weaponry. Weapons factories, power plants and automated defence towers are all priority targets to win the battle. Currently in open beta at time of writing, so some technical issues are to be expected, but this is certainly worth a look.

Age of Conan: Unchained


Age of Conan

Released in 2008 to extremely negative reviews, Age of Conan was considered a colossal flop due to how broken the finished product was. A game with huge potential, many reviewers believed that with a few extra months' worth of development to clear out the bugs, glitches and broken content, this game might have been a worthy contender to rival the mother of all MMOs: World of Warcraft. In 2011, Conan was 'unchained' and made free to play for everyone. Since the initial launch, the game has had plenty of extra work done on it and many of the original issues have been resolved.

The game is playable either as a single player experience or with other people playing with you. The game also features a surprisingly deep combat system where weapons can be swung from different directions. Enemies will move to defend attacks from some directions so there is a welcome need for tactics to overcome foes.

Each environment of the game is vastly different from the next, and each has its own distinct atmosphere. The game is graphically stunning and well worth exploring with countless hours of questing, looting and discovering. It’s a massive game however, so expect to wait quite a while for it to download a minimum of 20GB of game data before you can play!


Digital Extremes

warframe - 267

Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter. It’s set in a futuristic interstellar battlefield where the player takes the role of an ancient warrior of the Tenno race at war with a facist, militarised human war machine called the Grineer and a mechanised merchant guild known as the Corpus. The Tenno have advanced armour suits called Warframes to aid them in battle; each with their own unique characteristics. The player is armed with a primary weapon (usually an assault rifle or shotgun), a secondary weapon (usually a pistol) and a melee weapon. Gameplay is fast and frantic as the player can run, jump, slide and evade enemy fire while battling through each level.

As players gain Affinity points from accomplishing objectives and destroying enemies, further upgrades to the Warframe combat suits and weaponry become available and can be purchased with these points. Micro –transactions exist as with most free-to-play games and can be used to purchase new weapons, warframes and equipment without having to earn credits in-game.

Up to 4 players work co-operatively to carry out a series of mission types which range from assassinations to sabotage, raids to rescues and defence and extermination. Some missions are more urgent than others, with small windows of opportunity to complete; from 30 minutes to 24 hours. They’re usually much harder to accomplish but the rewards are greater. Missions are also procedurally generated meaning that no two levels are alike, which should lead to greater replay-ability.

Planetside 2

Sony Online Entertainment

Free PC - 267 - 1

Planetside 2 is a first-person shooter on a massive scale, with up to 2000 players simultaneously involved in battles over three continents on the world of Auraxis. Technically, Planetside 2 stands up to many paid-for games availible on the market. There are several infantry classes to choose from, but you have the freedom to do as you please - provided you have the resources which trickle through at a steady rate. You can spawn vehicles and aircraft to support your team, or join in the infantry grind as you try to capture territory.

As long as your skills are up to scratch, you should be able to hold your own. Teamwork is the key. A well organised squad can make a massive difference, not only in terms of success but also in terms of the fun you’ll have - and the new online friends you'll meet along the way. It's an incredibly rewarding game. The action is fast and furious and pretty daunting at first. But stick with it and things will soon start to fall into place.

free Single or local multiplayer games



Env - 267

Graphically abstract and with no soundtrack to speak of, Env offers a very simple gaming experience – but one that needs to be played. Your only objective is to survive for 6 minutes in a simple purple world. The challenge comes from an ominous-looking tube floating above the world, sucking up pieces of the floor and devastating the landscape into mountains and chasms that freeze in place when the tube moves onto another part of the map. As the game goes on, it gets increasingly difficult to avoid falling between the cracks into the abyss below.

You also need to scavenge for food and tech upgrades throughout the world while avoiding the changing environmental hazards. You’ll slowly starve to death if food is not located and tech upgrades will improve your ability to leap across the map. Both pickups are dropped by a spherical craft zipping from one side of the map to the other at an incredible speed.

You’ll find that the key to survival is to follow the Sphere until it drops a pickup while also avoiding the broken landscape dangers. Things are not made any easier when the Sphere also begins to break up the environment, meaning that new dangers are never too far away! All in all, an addictive nail-biter of a game!

One Late Night

Black Curtain Studio

free pc games - One Late Night

The creepiest places are often places that are normally bustling with activity but when the place empties and noises turns silent, it becomes unfamiliar and just a little bit spooky. One late night takes place in the business offices of a graphic designer, waking up after falling asleep at his desk. It's definitely after hours as everyone appears to have already gone home. The atmosphere is still with only the ambient noise of whirring computer fans and beeping printers to fill the void. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary at first as this could be any other office in any other building but something definitely doesn't feel right.

A colleague of the protagonist soon starts to leave messages warning about an entity that is stalking the office and of the great amount of imminent danger. The entity is that of a haunting woman in black who floats from room to room and if looked at directly, will come for you. All the player can do is run and hide and hope that the woman will leave enhancing the sense of vulnerability. Slowly the player finds clues to figure out what is going on; hampered by all sorts of paranormal activity.

Built on the formidable Unity engine, the game excels graphically with an enormous amount of effort being put into making this a believable world. There is no voice acting but this would only take away from how terrifying the absence of sound can really be.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

Demiurge Studios

Marvel Puzzle

Thought you’d been exposed to enough Marvel content this year? Think again. Marvel Puzzle Quest is ready to deliver your next dose in style! Players are asked to pick three Marvel heroes and complete Puzzle Quest/Bejewelled-style gameplay to score attacks, charge power-ups and defeat enemies. New characters can either be unlocked as the game progresses or bought early on from the store, meaning there is also something new to tempt you to carry on playing. Light RPG tropes are in place as well, levelling characters up over time so that more difficult enemies can be taken on.

Though technically a freemium game with all the usual free-to-play mechanics such as cooldown timers, micro-transactions and an overly tempting real currency store, Puzzle Quest is balanced enough to mean you should never have to part with real cash to get far. The game even welcomes you back after periods of non-play with generous amounts of in-game currency from time to time! Premium packs are available for purchase to speed up game progression (did someone say cheat?) but most of the game is easily unlockable through normal play.

Featuring an original single player campaign written by Marvel Veterans Frank Tieri and Alex Irvine, this game should be a part of any fan’s collection.

Probably Archery

Matt Carr

Probably Archery

Great indie games are often inspired by great ideas and this is certainly the case with Probably Archery. Appearing on Steam Greenlight following its fantastic reception after being released as part of the 7DFPS (7 Day First Person Shooter) game jam event, it’s currently being improved with even more features.

The challenge comes from the control system which will have you playing Twister over the keyboard with key combinations to adjust the left and right arm positions, the direction each wrist is set to and, the easier-said-than-done, fire an arrow. You must select an arrow from the quiver, notch it, draw it back and release. Congratulations are due if you manage to launch an arrow and a great big pat on the back if you manage to hit a target!

The original version can still be played via the 7DFPS website but the Steam version offers a large demo of new scenarios. The original offered a training environment with several static targets to aim at and a fun multiplayer mode where you can duel to see who can shoot the other player’s head-shaped balloon first. As mentioned above, the game is currently on Steam Greenlight but the original is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Probe Team

Andrew Shouldice

Probe Team

Built in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare development competition, Probe Team tasks the player with piloting a series of jet powered probes to explore a maze-like cavern, all in order to locate and enable switches. Each probe has enough fuel to last 10 seconds on full power but this can be extended by using the probe’s own inertia to maintain propulsion in a given direction. Each probe is controlled knowing that it will not be able to return and this is enhanced by the cute power down sound each probe emits upon running out of fuel.

As each probe makes its first and final journey, more of the environment is discovered and remembered, allowing each successive probe to seek out new, undiscovered areas. Sending the probe in one direction can either reward the player by finding a switch to unlock new areas or result in a literal dead end.

The game is very short and has bags of charm to capture the imagination. Best of all, Probe Team can be played using the brilliant Unity engine.

Cave Story

Studio Pixel

Cave Story

Cave Story is a Japanese 2D platformer adventure that’s a throwback to classic games such as Metroid, which has definitely inspired the game play, with its maps and hidden areas to explore. The player navigates each 2D map by leaping between platforms while shooting enemies which can lead to experience pieces being dropped. These item drops add to the current weapon’s overall level and can make the weapon more powerful. If the player is hurt from either enemies or environmental dangers then not only does the player lose health but also loses some experience from the currently equipped weapon. If you end up with too much damage, your weapons level down and lose some of their power.

The game follows a protagonist with amnesia who awakens in a cave. By exploring the cave, the player uncovers a plot by the game’s central bad guy, the Doctor, who intends to force the cave’s inhabitants to fight for him in a bid to conquer the world. Of course, the player is given the heroic task of putting a stop to this.

The game is in Japanese but a fan-made translation pack is available too. It can be a little fiddly to get up and running but is more than worth the hassle. Cave story + is also available on Steam which includes a visual upgrade and an enhanced soundtrack, priced at £6.99 at time of writing.

Boson X

Mu and Heyo

Free PC Sept - 3

Boson X is a rotational runner game in similar concept to the popular Super Hexagon where you play as The Professor racing through a massive particle collider to discover new particles. The player builds up speed while leaping between floating platforms that form the floor, walls and ceiling of the tunnel.

All levels are randomly generated meaning that levels cannot be beaten through memorisation but instead the player must learn the unique concept of each scenario. Blue floors add to your research level which needs to total 100% before the level is complete and red platforms are dangerous as they will drop away after stepping on them. If the player mistimes a jump, the player will fall out of the collider and the level will restart. After completing each level, a new particle is discovered in the hunt for the elusive Boson X particle.

Path of Exile

Grinding Gear Games

Free PC Sept - 1

Path of Exile may be referred to as a “Diablo clone” which is a roleplaying game that has an isometric or “top down” view of the action. The player controls a single character and explores large open areas and claustrophobic dungeons and caves to battle monsters and complete quests. Progression is constant as the player receives experience points for completing tasks and rewarded by levelling up and collecting new weapons and armour to improve their character. Maps are also randomly generated as well meaning that the game has great replayability.

Path of Exile follows the story of the player who wakes up on the shore of a remote continent called Wraeclast which is a colony for criminals. The player must band together with other outcasts to survive while exploring the wilderness and facing it’s dangerous inhabitants. The player can choose from one of 6 character classes ranging from rangers, marauders, witches and duellists.

As a free game, there has to be a catch and in this case the catch is very minimal. Micro-transactions are in place to improve the game but the developer has chosen to follow a more ethical approach in that the majority of the games features are free and anything that is paid for is merely cosmetic.

Black Mesa

Black Mesa Modification Team

blackmesa - 267

Black Mesa is a third party total remake of the classic 1998 1st person shooter Half-Life; a classic that has stood the test of time and is a masterpiece in gameplay and story. In its 8 year development, the Black Mesa Modification Team has re-built every element using the upgraded Source engine.

Normally, a modification to an existing game wouldn’t make this list but as this game only requires the free Source SDK Base 2007 download, it is a completely stand-alone game. It’s been built from the ground up with new character and weapon models, newly designed levels and textures, new sound effects and voice acting, and a completely bespoke soundtrack which is worthy of a download all by itself.

For the uninitiated, the story follows theoretical physicist Dr Gordon Freeman, a scientist at the super-secret Black Mesa research facility. The game begins with Freeman tasked with taking part in an experiment to analyse an alien specimen. Upon beginning the experiment, disaster strikes as inter-dimension portals begin to open, flooding the facility with alien predators. In the chaos, the remaining survivors decide to attempt to reach the surface but when the military arrives, the question of whether they are friend or foe is quickly answered.

The distribution program Steam is required to play this one which can be found here: Once this is installed and you’ve created a free account, download the game from here:


Mixed Bag


Futuridium was made by Italian indie developer Mixed Bag, having been inspired by the 1986 PC release Uridium. In the game, you play the role of a starship pilot taking on the brave task of bringing down an alien Dreadnought star cruiser.

In levels reminiscent of the climactic scene in Star Wars: A New Hope, the player must fly perilously close to the Dreadnought to take down its defences before revealing its weak point and taking it down for good. To heighten the tension, the player is constantly running out of energy and can only replenish this with some good old fashioned blasting. Shoot the blue cubes, weave in and out of the environment and reveal the yellow cube weak point.

The soundtrack is impressive too, by letting you change between 11 different tracks including dramatic scores, calm melodies and modern dubstep, which can be changed to suit your taste. The game is a definite throwback to retro fast-paced action shooters, for the low, low price of free.

Geo Guessr

Anton Wallen


This one is so simplistic in its design you’ll think ‘why didn’t I come up with this one?!’ A browser-based game, GeoGuessr literally drops you in the middle of nowhere and tasks you with figuring out just where in the world you are.

Using Google Street View, the player starts each round in very unfamiliar surroundings. You could be placed by a beach with high-rise hotels along the sea front, a deserted eastern European village, a modern metropolis bustling with activity or even a long dusty highway with nothing but horizon in the distance.

Google Street View lets you take a virtual stroll to locate clues in the nearest road sign, advertisement billboard or shop sign to build up a picture of where you are. To score in the game, you need to drop a pin onto a world map for each of the 5 rounds and you can then share your final post-game score with friends to compete against them. Prepare to lose a lot of time to this one!




This one is a little difficult to describe, so bear with me. Imagine you have two separate pieces of paper and you need to draw a line from one to the other. If the paper isn’t placed next to each other then the pen will fall through the gap between them. Now imagine you shifted your view point so that instead of looking directly at the pages, you were able to look at them from an angle which appeared to place one page partially behind the other. You would then be able to draw a line from one to the other. Hopefully you’re still with me, but believe me: the concept is easy to pick up.

The challenge in Perspective is that you have to manage two dimensions of control. You start the game as a 2D character moving across the screen like any other platformer. Click the mouse and the game’s controls change so that are controlling the camera instead of the character in a 1st person perspective, letting you re-position the camera so that progress-blocking obstacles are seen from a different perspective. Returning the control back to the 2D character, you’re now able to progress beyond the obstacle with the newly created path. The puzzles are cleverly designed and force thinking outside of the norm, whilst challenging the perception of the player.

free Browser-based games

Chrome Experiment – Roll It


Roll It

To quote Monty Python: and now for something completely different. Google has developed an experiment to take advantage of powerful new web technology to turn a smartphone into a game controller for your web browser. You can basically synchronise your smartphone with your computer browser using a code to link the two, enabling you to roll a ball from smartphone to PC screen. There’s even multiplayer mode!

Once synchronised, you swing your smartphone in a bowling motion to roll a ball down a ramp and score points by landing the ball into a scoring bucket. After 9 balls, the winner is decided and a more difficult game area is loaded. Special balls become available, allowing you to slow down time and re-direct your ball in mid-air, access multi-ball scenarios and score multipliers.

As long as your smartphone has an internet connection, an accelerometer (motion sensors that let you change the screen orientation) and the Google Chrome app, then you’re good to go. You’ll also likely need to lock your screen orientation to portrait mode. Just remember to grip your phone tightly!

Dojo of Death

Nico Tuason

free pc games - dojo of death

If you've ever seen Kill Bill: Part 1 and remember the fight scene with The Bride vs. The Crazy 88 gang, you'll know what to expect from this free game. Set in a minimalistic martial arts dojo, the player takes control of a white pixel-art ninja armed with a sword against an onslaught of bad guys. Pixelated blood spurts from downed enemies and blade strikes flash white as if cutting through air in true Quentin Tarantino style.

The white ninja follows the player's mouse cursor around the screen and lunges forward to attack with a left mouse click. Enemies also lunge attack at the player so timing is crucial to avoid being taken down. Enemies will glow before they attack but when the battleground is full of enemies it can be difficult to keep an eye on everything.

With a mixture of both offensive and defensive attack movements, the player can take down enemies, dodge incoming attacks and even cut flying arrows sent by enemy crossbow wielders out of mid-air. Multiple enemies can be taken down with a single attack to build up a score multiplier but as the flow of enemies is endless, the game over screen is inevitable.


Ostrich Banditos

free pc games - westerado

Set against the sun-drenched wilderness of the old Wild West, Desperado is a simple RPG about one man's quest to carry out the ultimate revenge on the murderer of his family. The player takes the role of the lone gunman to hunt down the man responsible for slaughtering his mother and brother. With no idea who the killer is however, the task is made more difficult.

Heading to the nearby town of Clintville, the player must carry out favours for the townfolk in exchange for a piece of information about the killer. Help the sheriff clear out a gang of bandits from a nearby mine and be told that the killer wears a black hat. A large number of citizens wear black hats so this isn't enough to go on. Extort a rancher at gunpoint over an unpaid bill and your employer will grant you further details on the villain. The key detail about this story is that the villain is never the same for each playthrough meaning that every game is different.

The game features simple yet beautiful visuals and an engrossing soundtrack that amplify the character of the setting. Subtle details like a lone rolling tumbleweed, strolling chickens and the flutter of the player's poncho succeed in creating a lived-in world that is a joy to visit.

Pong Revolution

Rocky Hong


If there’s one game that everyone has played at some point in their lives, it’s Pong. A virtual game of tennis featuring simple 2D graphics, it consists entirely of a ball and two paddles. Breaking into the living rooms of households across the world in the 1970s, it was considered to be the dawn of the video game industry due to its commercial success.

We’re now in the 21st Century and Pong Revolution is here to show you how gaming has evolved. Starting off with a single paddle and a slow predictable ball, the game quickly ramps up the difficulty by involving multiple paddles, unpredictable ball trajectories, random bumpers and objects blocking your view.

With a catchy soundtrack (also free to download) and plenty of levels to progress through, there’s plenty of content to encourage a sense of nostalgia for the original, but still has plenty to keep any new players interested. It’s also available for free on Google Play for Android users.

Candy Box 2


Candy Box 2

Any great sequel should build upon the original’s strengths and that can definitely be said about Aniwey’s return to browser-based candy cleverness with Candy Box 2. If you’re not familiar with the original, the idea is simple. From the moment you open the website, you begin collecting candies at a rate of one per second. Once you have enough candies these can be eaten, thrown on the ground or after some patient waiting, be used to buy a game changing add-on. This is the magic of the game because these add-ons quickly change to turn this simple text game into a full blown adventure role-playing game with ASCII artwork.

Candy Box 2 sticks to the same formula but this time ramps up the artwork and features to include a world map, characters, inventory system and many other great improvements. These include a handy autosave feature: pretty essential if you plan on farming candies overnight. It’s a game you’ll think is really dumb at first but if you’re a certain type of gamer you’ll undeniably be addicted to finding out what new things there are to unlock.

Candies are generated at a slow pace over time but can be collected quickly through completing quests, defeating critters and boss enemies and farming lollipops. Candy and lollipops can be used to purchase better weapons, armour and enchantments to help you triumph over boss battles. There is also a crafting element which comes into play in the form of potion brewing, which can offer some extra assistance in battle.

It may not be the prettiest game or have the greatest longevity but it has enough charm to keep you coming back. Especially since the best way to play it is to have it open in a different browser tab while working on other things. Handily, it also won’t require anything anywhere near the computer hardware specs for the latest entry in the Call of Duty series.

N - The Way of the Ninja

Metanet Software


For the uninitiated, N is an award-winning 2D platformer where the player controls a nimble Ninja. The mission? Navigate through a hazardous environment to an escape door. Powered by an impressive physics simulation, this game is easy to pick up but very difficult to master. You must run, jump, slide, bounce and dodge to finish each level without meeting an explosive demise.

You must also collect gold pieces to extend the score timer before reaching the goal safely. The levels are filled with enemies, including static explosive mines, machine gun turrets, homing missiles and lasers. Some levels can be pretty overwhelming at first but sheer determination will mean that victory is achieved. This is made easier as each failed attempt immediately restarts the level instead of showing a game over screen.

N has been available as a free download since 2008 but has only recently received its v2.0 release with 500 new and classic built-in levels. It’s highly addictive but sometimes very frustrating and will have you hooked with its ‘just one more go’ approach. The new version also has two player co-op and a new level editor, meaning that new levels are constantly being created and shared with the N community.


Terry Cavanagh


Easy to pick up but near impossible to master, Hexagon is gaming at its most simplistic. Built for a one-day programming jam in 2012, it spawned the larger project that is Super Hexagon, which was later released on PC, iOS and Android to great acclaim.

The player controls a small triangle in the centre of the screen that can be moved clockwise or anti-clockwise around a hexagonl shape. As the game starts, larger hexagon shapes close in around the central hexagon with only small openings for the player to pilot through. If the player hits the incoming walls, the game is over.

Progress is determined by how long the player can last in the never-ending assault of hexagon shapes with every successful 20 seconds unlocking new patterns to navigate. It features an excellent soundtrack, responsive controls and quick restart times (you’ll be doing this a lot!) and a real sense of achievement. In other words, a fair bit of time can easily be lost to this one…

Cookie Clicker


Free PC Sept - 2

Cookie clicker begins with a single click. That click can quickly turn into millions in the race to bake the most cookies. With no definitive goal, this game is more of a race for bragging rights as friends compete for the highest number of cookies baked per second.

Production can be improved by selling cookies to earn power ups such as automatic cursors that do the clicking for you every 10 seconds or hiring Grandma to bake a batch. Things steadily get out of hand when mines are built to industrialise the baking or even inventing time travel to go back in time to bring back cookies before they’re eaten.

All the upgrades are stackable meaning that an army of Grandmas, farms and factories can be added to the cookie machine which results in astronomical cookies being baked every second. Achievements can be earned for creative combinations meaning there is a sense of progression while building your empire. Game progress can be saved as well by exporting a unique code meaning you can add this to any browser to pick up from where you left off.

Street Fighter X Megaman

Seow Zong Hui

Street Fighter X Megaman - 267

Feeling a bit retro? This official crossover of two of the most popular gaming franchises should help take you back to the golden age of console gaming.

The player controls legendary Megaman through Street Fighter character-inspired stages, leading up to a Megaman-esque confrontation with famous Street Fighter characters. The end of level bosses are entirely recognisable but re-imagined as 2D NES sprites fully loaded with the moves and abilities that made them so much fun in their heyday.

Although extremely enjoyable this game is entirely unforgiving in its difficulty. There are no save points or password level skips, so success becomes a real achievement. This one deserves the attention from fans of retro platformers and serves as a fantastic way of introducing this type of gameplay to recent gamers.

The Archive

If you're new to PC gaming and haven't built up a decent library of games yet, check out some of our previous recommendations below.



Motherload is a deceptively addictive little game that has you exploring deep below the surface of Mars in your mining pod. You can sell the metals you’ve recovered and invest the cash in powerups which will increase things like the reslience of your pod and the rate you can mine at. You’ll need to maintian yor pod and keep it supplied with fuel, and there’s plenty of hazards down there which will play havoc with your mining efforts

Mother load has a very retro feel, the most obvous parallel being Atari’s old favourite Dig Dug but there’s certainly far more depth to the gameplay. The graphics aren’t spectacular but they have a certain charm that’s in keeping with the game's feel.


This game manages to be both utterly compelling and completely baffling: you really have no idea what’s going on, but you still really want to know how it all ends! It’s well worth taking the time to discover Samorost simply because it’s beautifully crafted - more like interactive art than just a game. By exploring the world you’ll eventually find that certain parts of the landscape are interactive and will trigger events, and with a bit of logic and creative thinking you should be able to progress.

Fantastic Contraption

Free PC - 267 - 7

Fantastic Contraption is a “physics” game that starts simple but becomes fiendish. The goal is pretty straightforward - transport something from one part of the screen to the destination point. To do this you’ll have to get your A-Team on and build a machine from a selection of parts. This starts off easy, but much of the game is as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Gravity and other forces will also play their part so it’s important to make sure that whatever you create is stable enough to stay together.

Enviro-bear 2010

Justin Smith

enviro-bear - 267

You’re a bear driving a car one-handed in a race to fatten up on fish and berries before it’s time to hibernate. The difficulty comes in that your only control over your vehicle is with the use of a mouse driven paw to manipulate the steering wheel, accelerator pedal, brake pedal and gearbox while grabbing food and throwing out rabid badgers all at the same time. It sounds a bit weird but the reality is far stranger(!).

The player navigates an open world space avoiding trees and lakes and other drivers, while objects fly in from the open windows of the vehicle. Food must be consumed quickly, fallen pine cones need to be thrown out and when a crazy badger arrives all hell breaks loose. Objects can fall onto your pedals impeding your progress and soon your car can be overwhelmed by debris blocking your view.

The situation can very quickly get out of control, meaning that it’s a constant battle to feed and clear the vehicle. Leave it too late and the snow will start to fall and by then it’ll be impossible to return to your cave for the winter.


Utah Game Front


Set in the 1960s, Erie takes place in a nuclear power plant beneath Lake Erie, Michigan after a partial meltdown and puts the player in the role of Oliver Victor, a Red Cross Investigator sent to look into the disappearance of the locals from the nearby town. Victor quickly finds that he is trapped underground and must find a way to escape. This might be scary enough for those with a fear of dark, claustrophobic spaces but the player isn’t alone down there.

Hunted by a creature born from experimental mutations, your only weapon is a can of spray paint that can be used to mark the maze-like passages so that you can find your way back out. The fear comes when running down a corridor you come face to face with the monster and must abandon any sort of path memorisation as you sprint to safety. This can lead to moments of being utterly lost and all it takes is one dead end to mean that you don’t make it out alive. Available for free via Desura, you’ll need to download the Desura client first, however.

Devil’s Tuning Fork

DePaul Game Elites

Devils Turning Fork - 267

Imagine a world that you could only see with your ears, much like the echolocation of bats or dolphins. Got it? Well you won't be far off the world of Devils Tuning Fork. A first-person game developed in six months for the 2010 Independent Games Festival, Devil’s Tuning Fork is set in a world where a global epidemic has disturbingly caused all of the world’s children to fall into a coma.

The player takes the role of one of these children and finds themselves in a strange mansion where visual pulses of sound are used to pick out the objects in the pitch black world. The main goal of the game is to collect stuffed animals to free the other children that are trapped in the same place.

The player quickly acquires a tuning fork allowing them to release bright, fast-moving high frequency tones or dim, slow-moving low frequency tones for detecting traps and solving puzzles. If you’re looking for a new gaming experience, then this is it.

Kraven Manor

Demon Wagon Studios


If you like your games spiked with a mix of atmosphere, tension and horror, then a short stay at Kraven Manor may be just for you. It's a firm assault on the senses, with its visual trickery making you question that shadow you saw in the corner of your eye, and bone-chilling sounds echoing down the dusty deserted corridors.

The player is able to dynamically alter the environment by locating miniature models of different rooms that you'll find while exploring. These are delivered by the player to an increasingly elaborate scale model of the Manor itself in the grand hall and placed wherever you like. The associated room then moves and appears in real space waiting to be explored.

Keep an eye out for the mannequins on your travels. Lose sight of them for just a second and you’re in trouble. Echoing the Weeping Angels from BBC’s Doctor Who, these creatures make for truly chilling confrontations.

This is the type of game you play late at night with the lights off and your headphones on. Just remember: don’t blink.

Beneath a Steel Sky

Revolution Software

Steel Sky

Developed in 1994, Beneath a Steel Sky is a PC adventure game set in a dystopian future. Developed by the same people who created the legendary Broken Sword series, the player assumes the role of Robert Foster, a man raised by indigenous people in the wasteland known as “The Gap”. After many years, the locals are attacked by armed security officers and Robert is taken back to Union City. Robert soon escapes and soon uncovers the corruption within the city.

Much of the game's charm comes from the interaction between Robert and his sentient robotic creation named Joey. Joey’s personality is stored on a circuit board that can be moved to different robots as required and a running gag has Joey commenting on the new “Shell” he has been fitted into; the first being a Vacuum cleaner that, understandably, Joey isn’t very happy about.

Hailing from a golden age of pre-rendered adventure games, the story, characters and puzzles are well known for their depth and maturity. Years before the internet became popular, puzzles had to be thought out logically and the exhilaration of solving them made it all worthwhile.

Due to popular demand, Revolution Software has recently announced plans to develop a sequel nearly 20 years after this was first released. It’s a game loved by adventure game fans and stands the test of time very well indeed. Recently updated and optimised for touch screen, it’s seen a re-release on iOS devices. Handily, the PC version is still available for free though you’ll need to download the free SCUMMVM software to run it on a modern PC.

Super Crate Box


Free PC - 267 - 3

The premise of the game: an endless onslaught of baddies swarming to reach the bottom of the stage. It’s your job to stop them with an assortment of OTT weapons. Every few enemies, a crate will appear with a random weapon within. Pick up the box and you’ll be awarded with a point added to your score and a new weapon. Weapons range from a tame baseball bat, to a devastating bazooka, and many more. Super Crate Box is one of those games that harks back to the golden days of arcade where all that mattered was to have your name at the top of the high score list. It’s a game with simple but appealing graphics, a catchy soundtrack and polished to perfection.

Available from, Steam and iOS apps stores.

Sam and Max – Abe Lincoln Must Die

Telltale games

Free PC - 267 - 2

The game has a very traditional feel and the big, bold graphics really bring the characters to life. Telltale have a great track record for delivering fun, engaging adventure games, having recently produced both Back to the Future and The Walking Dead. Sam and Max are the Freelance Police - a dog detective and his hyperactive rabbit partner - and they’re pretty much video game royalty. If you remember games like the Secret of Monkey Island or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, you’ll immediately be in familiar territory. Sam and Max made ther 3D debut in 2007 and thankfully lost none of their charm in making the transition.

Alien Swarm


Free PC - 267 - 6

Alien Swarm is a frantic overhead shooter that has you and up to 3 team-mates fighting off waves of alien creatures on an infested far-off colony. There are several classes to choose from, allowing you to play to your strengths and focus on dealing damage, close-up assaults or supporting your team.

Furthermore, in keeping with the game's roots, if you download the game you'll get full access to the source code - making it a great way for budding game designers to experiment.

Star Trek Online

Cryptic Studios/Perfect World

Free PC - 267 - 4

Gameplay is split into space combat and ground missions. The ground sections can be a bit tedious, but there are some nice storylines and plenty of references for Trekkies to spot. However, the space combat is arguably where the game really shines - giving you a feel for the different ships and their impressive visuals. There’s also plenty of customisation options both for your character and your ship. This isn’t a fan game; this is the officially licensed Star Trek online multiplayer game, so if you’re a diehard fan you’ll find lots of familiar ground here. Originally a subscription game, Star Trek Online has followed many MMOs in switching to a free-to-play model - the idea being that players will get so involved in the game that they’ll be prepared to pay for things further down the line.

Although there’s a lot of paid-for stuff available and a rather controversial “lock box” system, where you have to pay to unlock certain rewards, the game's perfectly playable without paying a penny.

World of Tanks

Free PC - 267 - 5

First off, there’s a great balance to the game, so while smaller, faster tanks pack less of a punch and are harder to hit, they’re much more fragile. It can take time to figure out your playing style, but there are plenty of opportunities for experimenting. The battles themselves are often surprisingly tactical, with players cautiously moving between positions and making clever use of terrain and cover to stay out of sight and surprise the opposition. Possibly the most aptly titled game ever, World of Tanks is an online multiplayer tank combat game. Two teams of opposing tank commanders battle over a variety of arenas, from open farmland to narrow city streets, aiming to take control of the map or simply obliterate the opposition.

Investing in some of the premium upgrades will unlock better vehicles and equipment much sooner, but the difference really isn't noticeable enough to ruin the fun.


Derek Yu


Those who think video games have become too easy these days should check out Spelunky. Spelunky is a ‘rogue-like’ cave explorer, which means that every time you play it the cave has a different layout. You never know what might be behind that next rock or at the bottom of a short fall. It also means you get one life. As soon as your health meter runs out (and believe me it will often) you get put right back at level 1 where you started. Despite this though it keeps you coming back for more, with the same kind of sadistic charm that players might remember from games like Super Meat Boy or N+. Part of this is due to the amount there is to discover in the caves. From damsels in distress to grumpy shopkeepers that are more than capable of looking after themselves, there is plenty to find.

Spelunky also taps into to that high score mentality. You just need to collect that little bit more gold to get a higher score than last time. Whatever it is that keeps you coming back, be prepared to die over and over again. A version of this game has just been released on XBox 360, but the original PC game is still completely free to download.

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