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What is Battlefield 3?

In 2002, Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions CE (DICE) changed the way first person shooter war games would be played with Battlefield 1942.  It brought immersive battles and vehicles to the mix, with flight and tanking combining to make the ultimate battle experience.  Since the release of 1942, there were a handful of Battlefield games released to the public.  The latest being the very popular Battlefield 3.

What is Battlefield 3?

Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter game developed by EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts.  It was released in October 2011, and sold 5 million copies in its first week of release and received critical acclaim from most game reviewers.

In campaign mode, players are able to take on several different roles,  Force Recon Marine, an F-18 Weapons system officer, a M1A2 Abrams tank operator and more. The story takes place in different areas of the world, from Iran to New York.

What makes Battlefield 3 stand out over other first person shooters?

As with all the games in the Battlefield series, you can perform multiple roles.  So if you would like to fly, you can fly planes or helicopters.  If you want to drive a tank you can drive a tank, or if you want to be a foot soldier you can do infantry.  It doesn’t end there.  Your soldier is assigned to one of 4 categories; Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon.  Assault mainly deals with the ability to heal and revive your teammates. Engineer is geared towards the repair of vehicles, and also Anti-Tank, and Anti-Air.  The Support class is more geared towards machine guns and provides the ability to give ammo to other people on your team, as well as providing mines and claymores.  The final Recon class is also known as the Sniper Class.  This spec is geared towards people who like to play sniper on maps, giving them the ability to lay down radio beacons for their teammates to spawn on, instead of just the general flags.

The Game Modes of Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 really shines when it comes to the multiplayer aspect of the game.  On PC you can have 64 players on a single map, or with consoles it is 32 players max per map.  There are several different game modes to keep it interesting, Conquest, Rush, Squad Deathmatch and Squad Rush, each one playing on a different part of the game. Conquest is a 'capture the flag' type play, there are a certain amount of flag points spread out over a map.  By holding more flags than the other team their tickets go down and at the end of the round whoever had the most tickets and didn’t hit 0 is the winner of the round.  In Rush mode,  an attacker has 75 reinforcement tickets and the defender has unlimited.  The objective is for the attacker to destroy M-Com stations and proceed to the next stage of the map.  By destroying an M-Com station the tickets are restored to 75 as if starting the new round to go onto the next M-Com station.  Squad Rush as with Squad Deathmatch is one of the two new game types in Battlefield. Instead of two M-Coms at a base, there is only one station and only two bases.  The attacker only receives 20 reinforcement tickets and defenders again have unlimited.  The rules for this mode are the exact same as regular Rush.

What the future holds for Battlefield 3

The life of Battlefield 3 will continue for a long time to come.   EA has announced a total of 5 expansions for Battlefield 3.  Two of them have been released so far, 'Back to Karkand', which brings back a lot of maps from the previous Battlefield 2, and 'Close Quarters', which brought new weapons, maps and game modes.  The next planned expansion is 'Armored Kill', to be released in September with the largest Battlefield map made to date, followed by 'Aftermath' and 'End Game' later.  A new system was created for Battlefield 3 called 'Battlefield Premium', which lets customers get an early view of all expansion packs and pay a single £39.99 payment to access all the expansion packs, plus extra perks just for Battlefield Premium members.

Final thoughts

With there being so many war-themed first person shooters coming out lately, one simply cannot go wrong with picking up a copy of Battlefield 3.  Even if you're just a flying enthusiast, or want to play in tanks, you can do it all in Battlefield 3.

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