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Nokia Lumia 800 troubleshooting guide

Agent Tufts is here to help you get to grips with your new Nokia Lumia 800 and troubleshoot teething problems. Just in case you encounter the odd stumbling block while connecting to the web or adding your email account.

Internet issues

Everyone wants to get onto the internet, but sometimes you stumble at the first hurdle - no webpages, no emails and no marketplace! First you need to decide how you're connecting to the internet. WiFi or 3G?
If it's 3G, it should be automatically set up for you by your network, but if this hasn't happened, give them a ring and get them to sort it out! For WiFi you should check Settings, tap WiFi and check it's both turned on, and reporting connected to your network!

Email angst

Maybe you've set up your email but don't seem to be getting any? Don't worry, there's usually a very simple explanation!

  • Check Settings and email+accounts.
  • Your email will warn you if you tap on it and there's a problem.
  • Most of the time, you simply need to enter the correct username and password.
  • Check your internet is working also - no internet, no email!

What’s ‘Appening? (I'm so, so sorry for that pun)

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Having trouble with an app or game you're trying to get from the marketplace? Here's a simple check list to sort the majority of issues!

  • App not downloading, or going very slowly? Things over 20MB in size need to be downloaded over a WiFi connection, connect to one and you should see it download at a much faster pace than 3G.
  • Not starting? Try a restart of your phone by pressing the camera, volume up and power buttons.
  • Reinstall the app. Hold down on its entry in the app list/games hub, and select Uninstall.
  • Redownload it from the marketplace once it's gone. (This may lead to information in that app being lost*)

GPS gripes

If your phone’s GPS satellite navigation maps don't seem to find you or bring up the correct location, this should be easy to fix.

  • Check location services are turned on, by going to settings and then tapping location. Make sure this is turned on!
  • Make sure maps has permission to use your location, by swiping to applications from within settings and making sure its on.
  • Finally, ensure you're in a place where the phone can contact the GPS satellites - so preferably outside, or try getting near a window.

Although the Nokia Windows Phone is very reliable, issues can crop up, and not all will be down to the phone, or the user, these things happen in complex machines. The main thing is, remain calm, and call someone who can help.

Don't Panic!

Remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Geek Squad Agents get tons of calls every day from clients about misbehaving technology, from consoles to computers to all makes and models of phones. You can guarantee someone else has had the same issue, and we've probably seen it and fixed it already! So next time, give us a ring.

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