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How to back up computer or smartphone data

11. How to backup an Android smartphone with ASTRO File Manager


ASTRO File Manager is a free and useful tool for Android smartphone users, which allows you to browse through files on your memory card, deleting or copying content as you go. You can also locate lost apps or backup your favourite applications.

How to download ASTRO File Manager

We often talk about the benefits of ASTRO File Manager in our Android setup and self help articles, but how do you use the app exactly? Follow our easy guide below to start taking advantage of Astro's great features.

  1. From your apps list, find and open the Play Store (previously called the Android Market)
  2. Once the store opens, press the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner and type in 'Astro'
  3. Choose the entry named 'ASTRO File Manager' and download the app to your handset
  4. Once ASTRO is installed, check your apps list for the ASTRO icon. Press the logo to open the app
  5. Read and accept the license agreement, then you're ready to go

How to backup Android apps with ASTRO

  1. Open your ASTRO app, press the menu key and select 'Tools'
  2. A box will appear in the centre of the screen, showing the tools available
  3. Select 'Application Manager/Backup' to continue
  4. To select all the apps on your device, tick the top box on the right side of the screen
  5. Press 'Backup' when you are ready to proceed
  6. A box containing progress bars will appear, as confirmation that your apps are being backed up

How to restore Android apps with ASTRO

Restoring your apps using Astro is a very similar process to backing up your apps using Astro. If you are restoring your apps to a new or factory-restored handset, the first step is to check Astro is installed. If Astro isn't on your phone or tablet, you can download it from Google Play following the steps listed above.

Press the menu key and select 'Tools' to bring up Astro's toolbox. Choose 'Application Manager/Backup' when you are ready to continue.

  1. Press the 'Backed Up Apps' tab to see which apps are backed up to the SD card
  2. To select all apps, tick the top box. You can untick any individual apps you don't want to restore to your phone
  3. Press Install to restore the selected apps onto your Android device. You will be prompted to accept each installation sequentially

Once completed, your restored apps will appear as normal in your apps list.

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