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Sony Xperia S setup guide

Congrats on your new Sony Xperia S smartphone! Want some help setting up your new mobile and getting the most out of it?

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First steps

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  1. Open packaging
  2. Open the back of the phone by sliding the back cover upwards
  3. Insert the microSIM and replace the back cover
  4. Power on by pressing the button on top of the handset until a small buzz is felt
  5. Select the appropriate language by tapping on your choice, If your choice is not shown, swipe your finger in a upwards direction to give more options, once found press done
  6. The handset will now present you with the setup guide, press the righthand arrow to proceed

Following the on-screen setup guide

  1. The next screen introduces you to the back, home and menu buttons, these are accessed by pressing the dots above the symbols in the transparent strip
  2. Once you have familiarised yourself with those, the next screen asks how you wish to connect to the internet. If you have a data package included with your tariff, select 'Mobile Network & Wi-Fi', If you don't or are not sure, select 'Wi-Fi only', otherwise you may incur additional charges
  3. For the sake of setup we'll assume you do have a data package. On the next screen the handset asks if you wish to download your network settings, select 'Yes, please!' and the phone will locate the correct settings according to your sim card and network account and activate them in order for you to be able to access the internet and send mms messages.
  4. A pop-up will appear when you click next and you just need to select the right option for your number, if the pop-up does not appear then press the left arrow to go back and select 'yes please!' Again, failing that, select 'No, Later', and at the end of this page will be a guide to getting your settings manually
  5. Now the next screen allows you to add a Wi-Fi network to your phone, if you're at home and wish to do so, select 'search for networks', then on that screen press the box to turn on Wi-Fi, a tick will appear in the box
  6. When your network appears, tap its name and a box for entering your password will appear. Tap in the rectangle with the flashing cursor and use the on-screen keyboard to type, once finished press done and then connect. Your Wi-Fi should now be connected
  7. On the next screen you have the option to sign into optional online services that you may belong to. If you have a Gmail or Googlemail address then select 'Google', then 'next' and either sign in with your details or create a new account in order to get these services for free.

Agent tip

A Google email address is essential for the phone if you wish to access the Google Play app store or backup/synchronise any information you have stored on the phone.

    • If you have a Facebook account, select Facebook and accept the disclaimer in order to use this facility, once you have done so enter your Facebook login details and press login
    • If you have a Microsoft Exchange Server account, then select that & enter your details accordingly, the handset will guide you the rest of the way, if the account settings are not found automatically then select manual setup and enter the correct information there
    • If you have a Sony Entertainment Network account, (this is the same for PlayStations, Tablets and TVs), enter those details there and select 'sign in' to connect. If you are new to Sony Entertainment Network, then you can create a new account from this option too.

All of these online accounts are optional, however without some of them you will not be able to get the most out of your handset.

8. On the next screen you are offered the ability to synchronise information automatically, meaning any new information added to the phone or network services will be automatically synchronised in order to make sure nothing is lost in the event of handset breakdown or loss

9. The next screen informs you on how to transfer your contacts but we will go through this a little
further on

On the ninth & final screen it simply tells you how to access this setup again if you need to, tap 'finish' & move on. A pop-up will appear telling you of possible data usage for report collecting by Sony via the phone and where to switch off such functions, tap agree in order to move to the next step.

The handset will now be on its home screen and should be ready for you use.

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Contacts, email and account syncing

Contacts transfer

  1. Upon entering the main menu by tapping the 4x4 square at the bottom centre of the screen, select 'Contacts' in the very top left, which will then give you an introduction screen with 3 options
  2. If you haven't backed up or synced contacts to a PC or laptop with a previous Sony phone before, then install the Sony PC companion software by connecting your phone to the computer via USB cable
  3. When this has been done then press 'details' on the phone to follow the instructions it gives you
  4. If you have saved contacts either on your Facebook or Google accounts, select that option and it will take you to a screen to choose the appropriate account
  5. Most people will have their contacts stored to their SIM card or a memory card, in which case tap import and on the next pop-up select the location of your contacts and the process of copying them across to your phone will begin

Email account setup and sync

If you have a Google email account added to your phone then all your emails will already be accessible in the Gmail application in the main menu

If you have an alternative address you wish to add, select the email application and enter the details in the appropriate boxes

The handset will accept most email addresses with no trouble, however if it does not automatically find the right settings then you will need to select manual setup and enter the right information, this can usually be found on the websites of your email provider

Social Network account setup and sync

  • With Facebook already built into the handset, all you need to do is to enter your login details and you'll have access to all your friends straight away. Choose to either sync all your friends to your phone or just those that are already there
  • If you are logged in with a Google email then you can use Google+ straight out the box by selecting it from the main menu, if you are not already a member then your email address is all you need to activate a profile
  • If you're a Twitter, Foursquare, Bebo or even MySpace user then there are apps available for these even if they don't come pre-loaded, all you need to do is select the Google Play app and search for your chosen social application, once found simply tap 'download' and after the app will download and install itself, ready for your use

Instant Messenger account setup and sync

Google Talk, Google+ Messenger and WhatsApp all come pre-installed on the Sony Xperia S, so you can chat in real time with friends via instant messages over the internet. You can login or create an account, then add your friends either by number or email address and start chatting.

If you have a Facebook account you can use the Facebook app to access Facebook chat, this does depend on internet access and who of your friends are logged in at the same time of course.

Again, separate apps are available from Google Play for users of ICQ, MSN or Yahoo messenger as well as apps that bring all these together, such as Nimbuzz or Fring.

Using Sony Timescape

Timescape is Sony's exclusive social application. It brings together virtually anything you can think of within your phone into a neat pictured timeline, from friends' Tweets and YouTube uploads to the headlines of the day, or even your newest emails.

Using it is simple, tap the Timescape app to enter and use your details to log into whichever feed you would like to use, if there's nothing in there you like then tap 'Extension Search' and the handset will take you to a list of more apps you can add into Timescape to keep up-to-date with whatever takes your fancy.

Much like every other social service, Timescape requires internet access to update. You can choose to update it manually by refreshing the content, or let it connect automatically to find new information. The second option will use more of your data over time and may prove expensive or unnecessary without a good internet package.

Sony Xperia S Wi-Fi setup

For faster internet access, or if you don't have a data allowance, Wi-Fi is the best and easiest way to access the internet through your handset.

Entering the settings option through your main menu and selecting 'Wireless & Networks' will give you access to the Wi-Fi facilities, make sure there is a tick in the box in order to switch the Wi-Fi on and then select 'Wi-Fi' settings to search for your network.

In this option you'll see a list of local Wi-Fi networks at the bottom of the screen, chose the network you wish to join from the list and in the box that has popped up enter the password for the network, followed by 'connect'.

If all this is correct then your phone will state it is connected to the network and you're all ready to go. If not then confirm your password is correct and that you have selected the right network, failing that check with the Wi-Fi provider.

How to 3G tether your Sony Xperia S smartphone to a Wi-Fi device

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If you are using a laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled device and wish to access the internet, you can use your Sony Xperia S to tether a 3G connection and go online.

Firstly it is important that you check that your network allows tethering on your line and ensure that tethering is included in your monthly data allowance, or that you are aware of the additional costs involved, as due to the data usage being much higher through a laptop and such you don't want to incur huge bills.

Setting up a 3G tethering connection

  1. Enter the Settings, then Wireless and Networks app again; in there you'll see a Tethering option
  2. In that section you can select 'USB tethering' if your phone is physically connected to a PC or Laptop, once selected your phone will install a data network which will appear onscreen and then you'll have your internet access
  3. If you wish to connect wirelessly either to a laptop or another mobile device, then select 'Portable Wi-Fi hotspot' and enter the settings to configure your hotspot
  4. In this menu you can change the name of your hotspot, (the hotspot name is known as a Network SSID), but just make sure you remember what it is in order to connect to it properly in the future
  5. Following that make sure you then set the password as something you can remember whilst also making sure it's not too easy for anyone to just connect to
  6. Once these steps are completed, tap 'save' and search for your network on your other wireless device, once found enter the password and then press 'connect' to go online.

A few things to remember about 3G tethering:

  • Your internet speed will only be as good as the signal your phone has, if your phone states 3G or H then this is ideal but anything else and you'll find it very slow
  • It is also essential that when you're finished using the personal hotspot function you deactivate it as this will not only remain broadcasting an internet connection but also prove to be a big drain on your phone's battery life

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