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iPhone 5 - a new design for the new iPhone

iPhone 5 prototype found on BGR
Image by BGR

When the iPhone 5 is released this September (hopefully), what will it look like? Technology blogs are posting tantalising images of iPhone 5 prototypes, some of which are downright weird and wonderful.Which of these iPhone concept designs is the most likely?

iPhone 5 prototype design roundup

Unlikely: The new iPod Touch phone 5

iPhone 5 prototype found on Smiley Minds
Image by Smiley Minds

Although unlikely, it is possible that Apple will base the iPhone 5 design on their ever popular iPod Touch, which has a sleeker, slimmer casing than current iPhones. We like this twist on the classic, curved iPod Touch body, as the brushed metal back adds an air of class to what is already a sleek, minimalist look. This design is unlikely for iPhone 5, as the (hopefully 4G!) radio antennae, battery and internal storage will add too much bulk for it to be this slender.

Unlikely: Stretched iPod Nano phone 5

iPhone 5 prototype found on Som Teck
Image by Som Teck

While some may appreciate the squared-off, masculine corners of this sleek candy bar design, we can't imagine Apple moving so far away from the look and feel of their current iDevices.

This iPhone 5 design looks like someone put a silver iPod Nano through a stretching machine, and while slender is good when it comes to smartphones, something so whisper-thin would simply not have room for its internals.

Unlikely: QWERTY iPhone 3GS 5

iPhone 5 prototype found on pinup pos moderna

It's an iPhone 3GS with a QWERTY keyboard. While I would truly love to see an iPhone with some physical keys, it's unlikely that Apple will ever provide them for my fumbling thumbs. The Cupertino giants have always maintained that their iconic smartphone's touchscreen keyboard is perfectly adequate for fast touch-typing. Tell it to my autocorrect Apple.

Personally I think adding a QWERTY option to the range would be great, but I doubt it would ever happen.

Unlikely: Mini Apple Mac phone 5

iPhone 5 prototype found on
Image by

Imagine an old school iPod Classic, with an Apple Mac inside it, stretched to 4.5" and blended with iOS 6. That's the Mini Apple MacBook Phone 5. Apple enthusaists need never own more than one device, it's everything in one.

While a larger screen is one of the features we do expect to see in iPhone 5, this design is unlikely. The narrow bezel and tiny home button would make the iPhone 5 difficult to hold and use comfortably, as you'd permanently be in fear of knocking the wrong part of the touchscreen and the tiny button would soon become maddening.

While a physical crossover with the 2012 Apple MacBook range is unlikely, it is however the case that iOS 6 and OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion will work hand-in-hand, bringing apps to your computer and seamless content sharing to your suite of Apple devices. You can read more in our Apple software reviews.

More likely: Slimmer, rounded iPhone 4S 5, with bigger screen

iPhone 5 prototype CNET
Image by CNET

Rather than a dramatic move away from previous iPhone designs, something similar to this concept feels about right. The design features a larger screen, something that iPhone fans have been clamouring for since before the release of the iPhone 4S, and the rounded corners are reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS, beloved by many. Less bezel and a slimmer design would be an appropriate update, although I hope Apple don't sacrifice battery life in the name of design by packing too small a battery into a super slender frame and expecting it to power a larger screen.

Most likely: iPhone 5 with brushed metal back, rounded corners, bigger screen

iPhone 5 prototype found on BGR
Image by BGR

This is the most likely iPhone 5 design, in my opinion. The rounded corners, slender bezel and bigger screen are in keeping with what we're expecting, while the brushed metal back is something that's been rumoured for a while on various leading tech blogs. If the final iPhone 5 design is similar to this prototype it should please the majority of Apple fans and deliver on hardware as well as look and feel. The body is slender, but not unrealistically so, and the shape feels like a comfortable blend between iPhone 3S and 4.

Stay tuned to Geek Squad for more iPhone 5 news, self help and troubleshooting tips. You can pre-register for smartphone release updates on the Carphone Warehouse website, and make sure that you don't miss out on iPhone 5 launch day!

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