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How to move music from iTunes to Android

Want to move your music from iTunes to an Android-powered smartphone? We're here to help. This easy guide will show you how to move .MP3 files from iTunes to a device running the Android Operating System.

How do I move my music from iTunes to Android?

So you have made the move from iPhone to Android, or perhaps you have just always got your music from iTunes before. Whatever the case you are now left with hours and hours of music stored in a program that won't talk to your shiny new phone. Thankfully though, getting your music from iTunes onto another device is a fairly pain-free process.

A few years ago, in an effort to reduce piracy in the music industry, companies would use DRM (Digital Rights Management) to lock music to a specific set of devices so it can't be played on anything else. However, in 2009 (influenced by irritated consumers as well as competitors doing the same thing) Apple removed the DRM shackles from its music.

What this means for us is that moving your music files can be as simple as dragging them over to your new handset. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do just that. (There is alot of software out there that reports to do this for you. Samsung “Kies” for instance imports iTunes playlists into its own media player. But for ease of use and effectiveness i find the manual way still works better.) The phone I'm using is a HTC Desire C, so your device may look slightly different. The theory is the same across all Android-powered smartphones.

Step 1 - preparing your smartphone and computer

Plug your phone into your PC using the supplied USB cable. For most people the first thing that pops up will be a screen that looks alot like the image you can see on the right.

Choose 'Disk drive'. What this basically does is change your phone into something like a USB stick that you can use to move files about. If this menu doesn't appear don't worry, dragging your finger down from the top of the screen will reveal a USB icon in the notifications tray. Clicking this should bring up the connection options.

(Note that the newest Android-powered devices such as the Galaxy S III use a method called MTP connection. If you pull down the notifications tray and see this then you are already connected and ready to move on to step 2.)

Step 2 - locating your music folder

A box like the one below should pop up on your PC screen and show you a series of options for interacting with your phone, which the computer recognises as a 'removable disk' due to the fact it has an external storage slot where your music and photo files are held.

Clicking on “Open folder to View files” will show you all the folders currently saved on your phone or memory card. Usually including one called 'Music'. If the Auto Play box doesn't appear, go into 'My Computer' and you will find you have a new option (usually named after the phone or possibly just called 'Removable disk'). Double-clicking this will give the same result.

Step 3 - moving music from iTunes to your Android-powered phone

Now we just need to move our iTunes files into this new 'Music' folder on your smartphone (although for most handsets moving the files anywhere onto the device is fine, putting it in its own folder is just a bit tidier) You will find your itunes downloads in your music folder.

You will have to click through a couple of folders, in this order:
1. iTunes
2. iTunes Media
3. Music

And there it is, all the music you have downloaded from iTunes should be staring you in the face. Now your here its just a matter of dragging the albums over to your handset.

Once you're done, simply unplug the phone and you should find all your music has been transferred and can be played straight away.

If you need any further help, Geek Squad Agents are standing by, 24/7. We can show you how to transfer your music, and even transfer your photos and contacts for you in just a few minutes. For help, call us or visit us in selected Carphone Warehouse stores.

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