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Nokia Asha 300 expert review

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The Nokia Asha 300 is a simple phone that's easy to use and good value. With a pretty decent 5 Megapixel camera and more ways to customise your mobile than a standard Nokia, the Asha 300 is a solid, reliable handset. Agent Izzy takes it for a spin, in our Nokia Asha 300 expert review.

Nokia Asha 300 expert review

The Nokia Asha 300 is a blend of modern and traditional mobile design, with a touchscreen for navigating around the phone and a physical keyboard for typing. It's easy to use and good value - a handy, basic mobile that would be suitable for those who want to use basic smartphone features but don't require a more expensive, high end device.

Nokia Asha 300 pros

  • The touchscreen makes it easier to navigate, especially when web browsing.
  • You have the option of installing What’s App and other apps that will give the phone a bit of a kick .
  • USB on the go- you can attach a usb key to the Asha 300 and view files and even send them on an email.

Nokia Asha 300 cons

  • No flash - taking pictures in the dark is hard and the results are poor.
  • You need to be a bit forceful with the touchscreen to get it to respond.

Nokia Asha 300 design

Overall the handset is well designed - the plastic body feels light and solid, nice to hold. The screen is comfortable to use and it makes navigating through menus easier than on a traditional non-touch mobile phone. The loud speaker is good for listening to music and/or holding a conference call, and the dedicated lock button on the side makes it easy to lock and unlock the handset.

Nokia Asha 300 hardware

The Asha 300 has a 1Ghz processor chip, which is a lot for an entry level mobile. It means you can play Angry Birds very easily, and with 140Mb of phone memory available you can comfortably install a few apps. The Asha 300 has a 5 Megapixel camera which is very good for non-low light photography. Due to the small amount of internal memory, I would recommend that you install a microSD memory card to the phone, so that you can store pictures on it as well as apps and games.

Nokia Asha 300 software

For those who are used to the older Nokia phones you will find that the Asha 300 is the same but gives you more options for customising the phone to your needs. The first thing you notice is that the homescreen gives you more options and allows you to add contacts that you call the most, or shortcuts to apps and settings.

Nokia Asha 300 Agent verdict

For the price that you’re paying, the Asha 300 is packed with options and would suit someone looking to branch out into smartphone features by taking a first step with apps and games. The Asha 300 would also make a good 2nd phone or backup phone, as it has loads of features that you could use in your day-to-day life.

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