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iPhone 5 setup guide and learning series

How to use Passbook on the iPhone 5


Using Passbook on the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has a new feature called Passbook. Think of it as a kind of virtual wallet for storing your flight tickets, restaurant reward points, loyalty card points and travel information. A lot of features aren't available in the UK yet, so what can you actually use Passbook for at the moment?

How to use Passbook on the iPhone 5

To use Passbook, you first need to install an application that is compatible with it. The easiest way of accessing these is to open Passbook and click App Store. You will be taken into a list of all the Passbook compatible apps. At the moment these are limited to 2 USA airlines, Lufthansa and iHotel.

The airline apps allow you to book a flight and save the boarding pass in Passbook. The idea is that the iPhone will use GPS to pick up when you arrive at the airport and the boarding pass will appear on screen ready to be scanned at the check in.

The iHotel app works in a similar way. You can book a hotel in the app and save all the reservation information in Passbook ready to be accessed at the check in.

Eventually, Passbook will also be used for store loyalty cards allowing you to keep all your cards in one place without having to find separate applications every time you get to the till.

Passbook is still very new so it will take a while for it to become popular but it could be very useful in the future.

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