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Taste Test: the fastest, easiest way to customise your Android phone

One of its greatest features of Android is how much you're able to customise the look and feel of your smartphone. If you don't like the look of your wallpaper, got bored with your icons or feel like having a fresh launcher with different shortcuts and new features, these changes are only a couple of steps away.

android taste test startDespite Android's wealth of customisation options, one thing that puts people off changing the appearance of their smartphone is how complicated it can be. Too many choices can be confusing – especially with potentially unfamiliar terms like 'launcher', 'homescreen' or 'icon packs'!

Recently, though, Google made it even easier to switch up your phone or tablet's appearance. They've created an interactive 'taste test' to help you find the perfect combination of icons, backgrounds and more, for a truly personalised experience.

The Android Taste Test takes away a lot of the confusion by asking you a series of yes-or-no questions to narrow down your preferences. Do you like colourful or monochrome pictures? Animated or static? Do you prefer 3D shapes or 2D patterns?

After reaching the end of the survey, the Taste Test service will pick out wallpapers and icon packs that it thinks you'll enjoy based on the answers you've given. With a few simple taps on the screen you can install the recommendations and get a whole new feel for your phone!

using Android Taste Test

Surprisingly, you can't actually install the Android Taste Test: it's a web service, meaning you have to visit its website from your smartphone or tablet in order to use it.

To find it, visit from your phone, then tap on Find your match to start the Taste Test quiz.

android taste test 1android taste test 2android taste test 3android taste test 4

After answering around twenty questions, you'll be taken to a summary page that suggests a new launcher, background image and icon packs – as well as showing you a preview of what those new visuals will look like.

Scroll down through the summary page to get a bit more detail on each suggestion, or tap Take the test again to start from the beginning and make some different decisions.

android taste test 5android taste test 6android taste test 7android taste test 8

There are plenty of different answers you can give, which can result in some radically different suggestions at the end of the quiz – and if you like the look of the launcher but aren't too keen on the icon packs, for example, you can simply install the suggestions you like and ignore the ones you don't!

All told, it's a quick and simple way to get a new look for your Android device – so if your phone or tablet has been feeling a little stale, why not freshen it up with a tasteful new look?

That's it for our look at Android Taste Test – but if you've come up with a particularly snazzy theme for your Android phone or tablet, why not let our readers know in the comments below? And for more great articles from our Agents straight to your inbox each month, get your name down below for the Geek Squad newsletter!

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