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Facebook eye  LIST

Don't fall for these five Facebook scams

Here at Geek Squad, we love Facebook – but we hate getting scammed. Unfortunately, there are some pretty nasty swindles doing the rounds at the minute, but our Agents are on hand to help you stay safe!

by Agents Cooper and Lee

gif 4_3

The best apps and tools for GIF lovers

This June marks the 30 year anniversary of the much-loved GIF, and what better way to celebrate than to share our favourite GIF-making and GIF-sharing apps!

by Agent Cruickshank

samsung logo 4_3

Six strange Samsung phones that broke the mould

Love them or loathe them, Samsung have produced some of the most iconic Android phones of the last decade. Here's our look at six of the strangest and most innovative models!

by Agent Cruickshank

matrix nokia 4_3

Five iconic mobiles that changed the world

The Nokia 3310 was once the most popular phone on earth, and to celebrate its relaunch this year our Agents have been looking back at iconic devices that changed the way we communicate!

by Agents Cooper and Cruickshank

Festival  crowd  4_3

Geek Squad's festival smartphone survival guide

These days, a smartphone is a festival must-have – and when it comes to surviving the long weekend with your phone, wallet and sanity intact, you'll find no better guide than this! From tips on saving the battery to a host of crucial apps, we've got everything you need right here.

by Agents Lee and Cruickshank

fireball explosion 4_3

Best gadgets to survive the collapse of civilisation

From The Walking Dead to The Hunger Games, we're fascinated by stories of what comes next when society collapses – so we've put together this little roundup of everything you'll need if the worst should happen (or if you're going camping).

by Agent Cruickshank

numeracy skills list

Get a free numeracy workout on your smartphone

Numeracy skills can come in handy in all areas of life – from work and school to doing the weekly shop. But if numbers aren't your strong point, and all those maths lessons are a distant memory, your smartphone can help!

by Agent Cooper

eye case hand 4_3

Run Android on your iPhone... sort of

In the tech world, there's no greater divide than the one between Android and iOS – but could that all be about to change? Agent Cooper investigates a bizarre new way to combine the two.

by Agent Cooper

google assistant logo 4_3

What is Google Assistant?

It’s official: Google Assistant is coming to all Android phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later! But hold on a second – what exactly is Google Assistant? Our Agents take a look at Google’s Siri-beater.

by Agent Cooper