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Samsung S8 review 1

Samsung Galaxy S8 Expert Review

Samsung's latest flagship is finally here, with a gorgeous new redesign – Agent Cruickshank takes a closer look at the most impressive Android phone we've seen all year.

by Agent Cruickshank

android o list 4_3

Android O: first look

'Android O' is the new version of Android for 2017 – and our Agents have taken a long look at an exclusive preview version to find out just what you can expect from the next big update!

by Agent Cruickshank

numeracy skills list

Get a free numeracy workout on your smartphone

Numeracy skills can come in handy in all areas of life – from work and school to doing the weekly shop. But if numbers aren't your strong point, and all those maths lessons are a distant memory, your smartphone can help!

by Agent Cooper

eye case hand 4_3

Run Android on your iPhone... sort of

In the tech world, there's no greater divide than the one between Android and iOS – but could that all be about to change? Agent Cooper investigates a bizarre new way to combine the two.

by Agent Cooper

iphone connected home 4_3

Three crucial ways to secure your connected home

Gone are the days when the only internet-connected devices in your home were smartphones and computers. These days, everything from your telly to your thermostat can get online – and that comes with risks. We'll show you how to keep them safe!

by Agent Cooper

induction loop symbol 4_3

How to use your iPhone with a hearing aid

If you, or someone you know, uses a hearing aid, there’s a little-known feature in iOS that could be a major help. It’s called ‘Hearing Aid Mode’ – and here’s how it works.

by Agent Cooper

Mobile virus

How to virus-proof your Android phone

Sadly, there are plenty of nasty infections and malicious apps waiting to pounce on an unprotected smartphone – but our round-up of the best mobile security apps will help you keep yours safe.

by Agent Cruickshank

samsung galaxy s8 front 4_3

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S8

Recently, Samsung revealed their eagerly-anticipated Galaxy S8 handset to the world – and today, our Agents have all you need to know about the biggest Android device launch of the year.

by Agent Cooper