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iPhone 7: Expert Review

From the loss of the headphone jack to its innovative waterproofing, the iPhone 7 has prompted hours of discussion and debate. But now, the dust has settled and the verdict is in – here's what our expert Agents reckon to Apple's latest flagship.

by Agent Lee

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Five iconic mobiles that changed the world

This month, the iconic Nokia 3310 celebrates its 16th birthday – and to celebrate, our Agents have been looking back at the iconic devices that changed the way we communicate forever!

by Agent Cooper

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The three best apps for musicians in 2016

For years, making professional-standard music at home was expensive and difficult, requiring specialist knowledge and specialist equipment. But now, thanks to modern technology, it’s never been easier! Whether you're a budding guitarist or fancy yourself the next Adele, join Agent Smith for a run-through of the best apps for musicians.

by Agent Smith

WIG List Image

The Week in Geek: 9th September 2016

In this week's round-up of the most fascinating stories from the world of tech, our Agents check out the latest consoles from Sony, investigate artificially intelligent, self-driving toy cars, and discuss a little something called the iPhone 7!

by Agents Clayton, Cooper, Lee and Cruickshank

iphone 7 lineup

Meet the iPhone 7

The long wait is over, and we've finally taken a look at Apple's new flagship device with our own eyes. From a souped-up camera to some striking new colours, the iPhone 7 is packed with surprises – and here's what you can expect from the latest model of the world's greatest smartphone!

by Agent Cooper

spock uhura 4_3

What Star Trek got right about modern technology

As the legendary sci-fi drama celebrates its 50th anniversary our Agents have been taking a look back at some of its most iconic technologies – and surprisingly, quite a lot of them have come to pass!

by Agents Cooper and Lee

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The Week in Geek: 2nd September 2016

From the latest on the iPhone 7 to the tantalising return of Stranger Things, it's been another fascinating week in the world of science, tech and geeky entertainment – and as usual, our Agents have the lowdown.

by Agents Clayton, Cooper and Cruickshank

widgets 4_3

What are widgets?

Widgets have been around on Android phones for years, and are beginning to appear in the iPhone notification centre – but what are they and how do you use them?

by Agent Cruickshank