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Miracast   4_3

What is Miracast?

Agent Watson tells you everything you need to know about Miracast, a new media streaming device that lets you mirror films, games, photos and more from your handheld device directly to your TV.

by Agent Watson

Backup  4_3

What is a backup?

Keeping a backup of your data is important, especially data stored on your smartphone. But what exactly is a backup and how can it protect your content? Read on to find out more.

by Agent Plummer

Oculus Rift

What's the future of gaming?

The way we play games, and the technology we play them on, is evolving at a dizzying rate. From virtual reality to cloud gaming, Agent Watling takes a closer look at what the future may hold.

by Agent Watling

iPhone 6  reversible USB

What is USB Type-C?

Agent Bishop tells you everything you need to know about USB Type-C, the latest generation of smartphone charger that's faster and more powerful than ever.

by Agent Bishop

Smart TV 1  LG

What is a Smart TV?

What is a 'Smart' or 'Connected' TV? Agent Denis Hall explains the benefits these services bring and takes a look at all the different ways to get connected content on your television.

by Agent Hall

Velocity Clip

Are wearable cameras the next big thing?

From GoPro and YouTube, to Google Glass and Vimeo, it's never been easier to capture images and footage on the go and share them on the web. Agent Bishop tells you what you need to know about this exciting new technology.

by Agent Bishop