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archos 50 saphir 4_3 1

Archos 50 Saphir User Manual & Setup Guide

Get help setting up your Archos Saphir with our handy guide. We'll show you where the SIM goes, how to receive email, download apps and more!

by Agent Cruickshank

new nokia 3310 4_3

The new Nokia 3310: a new trend or unnecessary nostalgia?

One of the surprise highlights of this year’s Mobile World Congress conference was the all-new Nokia 3310 – a revived and redesigned version of their most iconic phone. Is this the start of new trend for stripped-back devices, or is it just nostalgia? Our Agents argue the point!

by Agents Cooper and Cruickshank

stereo 4_3

How to make your stereo wireless with Bluetooth

You don't need to buy a new stereo (or pair of headphones) to take advantage of wireless Bluetooth audio! Our Agents show you how a very affordable 'dongle' can drag your old gear into the bold wireless future.

by Agents Cooper and Cruickshank

powerwatch wood 4_3

Meet the smartwatch you never have to charge

Limited battery life is one of the major issues holding wearable tech back – but as Agent Cooper reveals, one tech startup has developed a surprising and revolutionary solution!

by Agent Cooper

Archos 50 Titanium 4_3 1

Archos 50 Titanium 4G User Manual & Setup Guide

The Archos 50 Titanium is a powerful phone with great features. Let us help you get started with this how-to guide on setting up, connecting to the internet and personalising your smartphone.

by Agent Cruickshank

wileyfox spark X 4_3 1

Wileyfox Spark X User Manual & Setup Guide

Want to use your new Wileyfox Spark X and need help getting started? Check out our guide to help you set up the basics and learn the essentials of your smartphone.

by Agent Cruickshank

girl headphones 4_3

Five ways to get a headphone jack for your iPhone 7

If you've got an iPhone 7, you might be missing the trusty 3.5mm headphone jack – but before you shell out for a pair of wireless headphones, we've revealed how you can get it back!

by Agent Cooper

android wear wrist 4_3

Google's 'Pixel Watch' and the future of Android Wear

While Apple's Watch goes from strength to strength, the came can't be said for Google's Android Wear platform – but with some stunning first-party hardware and a brand new software update just around the corner, it could be time for a serious fightback.

by Agent Cooper