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wileyfox spark X 4_3 1

Wileyfox Spark X User Manual & Setup Guide

Want to use your new Wileyfox Spark X and need help getting started? Check out our guide to help you set up the basics and learn the essentials of your smartphone.

by Agent Cruickshank

girl headphones 4_3

Five ways to get a headphone jack for your iPhone 7

If you've got an iPhone 7, you might be missing the trusty 3.5mm headphone jack – but before you shell out for a pair of wireless headphones, we've revealed how you can get it back!

by Agent Cooper

android wear wrist 4_3

Google's 'Pixel Watch' and the future of Android Wear

While Apple's Watch goes from strength to strength, the came can't be said for Google's Android Wear platform – but with some stunning first-party hardware and a brand new software update just around the corner, it could be time for a serious fightback.

by Agent Cooper

iPhone 6s Unboxing

Make your iPhone last a lifetime

Apple's official position is that iPhones are only expected to last three years – but here at Geek Squad, we know they go for much longer than that! If you're an iOS user, check out Agent Cruickshank's crucial tips to help you enjoy a long and happy iLife.

by Agent Cruickshank

note7 usage 4_3

Samsung's 2017 fightback

It’s no great secret that Samsung had a terrible 2016, with their Note 7 recall putting the company in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But the Korean giant is a resilient and resourceful beast – and now, the fightback begins.

by Agent Cooper

apple store 5th ave 4_3

Apple's big plans for 2017

The New Year is now in full swing – and for lovers of phones, tech and gadgets, one question stands out: what on earth is Apple planning for 2017?

by Agent Cooper

fireworks 4_3

The tech to look forward to in 2017

The New Year’s party is over and Christmas a rapidly fading memory – but there's still a ton to be excited about in 2017. Join us for an exclusive first look at the year's hottest tech!

by Agent Cooper

parker electric car 4_3

The surprising history and fascinating future of the electric car

Once considered something of a joke, the electric car has shaken off its hippy-dippy image to become one of the most exciting and talked-about technologies of the moment. From the very first electric vehicles of the 1800s to the cutting-edge cars of today, Agent Strevens tells the story of this fascinating tech.

by Agent Strevens