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Q4 quadcopter

Top Geek Gifts for Him

Are you looking for some Christmas gift inspiration for the geek in your life? Check out a few of these geektastic ideas, including a laser-guided beard trimmer and a Death Star ice mould!

by Agent Hall


Is your webcam spying on you?

A recent raft of news stories has revealed that many UK webcams could be at risk from hackers. We take a closer look and offer some top tips for protecting yourself.

by Agent Andrews

farah  laptop 2

What is a Laptop, Tablet, Laplet or Ultrabook?

At one time buying a laptop was quite easy - you just choose the design you like and off you went. Nowadays, there are not just different designs, but whole different types of devices. Let's find out a bit more about them.

by Agent Plummer

Moto 360  watch front

Which wearable should you buy?

From fitness trackers to super-stylish smartwatches, wearable gadgets are everywhere right now. Agent Watling rounds up his favourites.

by Agent Watling

Tentacle book ends  LIST

Top Geek Gifts for Her

Agent Watson has trawled the internet high and low for the best geeky gifts for women, from 'Bathing Bad' bath salts to H.P. Lovecraft book ends.

by Agent Watson

Older generation apps

Top technology for the older generation

Agent Watson rounds up some of the best technology out there with older people in mind, from messaging app Skype to motion-tracking wearable Care Predict.

by Agent Watson

Microsoft Band  3

Meet the Microsoft Band

We introduce you to the Microsoft Band, a new fitness-tracking wearable that's designed to offer a streamlined and slick user experience for a healthy lifestyle.

by Agent Watling

Moto 360  watch front

Geek Squad's Most Stylish Smartwatches

We pick the most stylish, attention-grabbing smartwatches available now or soon to land on our wrists, including the Moto 360, Samsung Gear Live and Apple Watch.

by Agent Lawton

Steam Logo  official

What is Steam?

Steam is a massively popular online game distribution service, designed for finding, buying and downloading PC games. We have all the details here.

by Agent Plummer