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malloy hoverbike 4_3

The hoverbike has finally arrived – here's why you can't have one

For decades, futurologists and science fiction writers have promised one extremely cool invention that has simply failed to materialise: the flying car. Now one British company has come tantalisingly close – but as Agent Cooper reports, there’s practically no chance you’ll be able to drive one any time soon.

by Agent Cooper

steam link front 4_3

What is Steam Link?

Not content with dominating PC gaming with its hugely popular Steam marketplace, Valve is determined to bring PC gaming to your living room – and Steam Link is its latest effort. Agent Pickering has been checking out the facts.

by Agent Pickering

WIG List Image

The Week in Geek: 22nd June 2015

In the latest installment of our weekly feature, Agent Hall takes you through the strangest and most interesting stories we've come across this week. From real-life hoverboards to some very awesome LEGO – and a brand-new Harry Potter story – you're sure to find something to fascinate and delight.

by Agent Hall

cat talk 4_3

How to talk to your cat: the best smart accessories for pets

Our pets are an extension of our family: we love them like our children. Now, various manufacturers are jumping at the opportunity to make gadgets for our pets. Agent Watson investigates some of the options available.

by Agent Watson

Playmation 4_3

Meet the world's most marvelous high-tech toys

The newest high-tech toys take all the latest trends in grown-up technology – from wearables to ‘augmented reality’ – and add that most vital ingredient: fun. Today, Agent Cooper shows you three of the most exciting ideas winging their way to a toybox near you.

by Agent Cooper

WIG List Image

The Week in Geek: 15th June 2015

From alien oceans to 3D-printed spacecraft – and a very special birthday – our own Agent Hall brings you a fascinating roundup of the week's geekiest news and events. Sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

by Agent Hall

splash spray pour 4_3

Reviveaphone Splash water-resistant spray Expert Review

Water damage is the second-biggest cause of broken smartphones – but the Splash water-resistant spray from Reviveaphone promises thorough protection. Can it really protect your device? Agent Hall has been pouring water all over his phone to find out.

by Agent Hall

Android Auto list 4_3

Why we're excited about Android Auto

Google’s ambitions go far beyond smartphones and search: they’re determined to get into your driveway. Android Auto brings smartphone-style features to your car’s dashboard – and Agent Watling has the lowdown.

by Agent Watling

Thync 4_3

Geek Squad's weirdest tech innovations of 2015

The great inventors of the past were often thought to be out of their minds – but yesterday's eccentric ideas are today's essential technologies. With that in mind, Agent Watson looks at some of the weirdest and most creative tech innovations of 2015.

by Agent Watson