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LG G Watch  5  4_3

LG G Watch expert review

The LG G Watch runs Android Wear and features a low-energy Bluetooth chip, ultra-clear display and a stylish dust and water-resistant design. We put the G Watch through its paces and find out how it measures up in the smartphone stakes.

by Agents Stringer and Cruickshank


Top Chromecast apps

If you're looking for some exciting new apps for your Google Chromecast, then look no further! Agents Lawton and Stringer pick the cream of the crop, from Crunchyroll to Doodlecast.

by Agents Stringer and Lawton

nest 4_3

5 new ways Google Nest can connect your home

From washing machines to lighting, Google Nest aims to control your home appliances the smart way. We take a closer look at how Nest's latest brand partnerships are paving the way for the 'smart home' of the future.

by Agent Andrews


Chromecast expert review

We review Google Chromecast and find out if this media streaming device sizes up to its main rivals, Apple TV and the Roku box.

by Agent Stringer