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flexible screen 4_3

Curved screens: the shape of things to come?

From curved TVs to foldable smartphones, the future of digital displays looks anything but flat. But do curved displays offer any real benefits, or are they a solution looking for a problem? Agent Cooper takes a closer look.

by Agent Cooper

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Five awesome gadgets for the connected home

Gone are the days when your phone was the cleverest bit of tech in the house: these days, everything from your kettle to your bed is getting smart! Agent Watson has taking a look at some of the coolest, weirdest and most desirable connected accessories money can buy – check out her top five picks today.

by Agent Watson

WIG List Image

The Week in Geek: 20th July 2015

In this week's roundup, Agent Hall brings together the weirdest and most fascinating stories from around the web. From bionic eyes to moonwalks – and Pac Man as you've never seen him before – these stories will entertain, astound

by Agent Hall

chips 4_3

What is 64-bit and is my smartphone better for it?

Manufacturers make a big deal about the '64-bit support' included in flagship devices like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 – but what does 64-bit actually mean? Agent Watling shows you what it is and whether it’s worth having.

by Agent Watling

Runcible 4_3

The five weirdest handsets of 2015

Even we were astounded by these strange devices – from the achingly cool to the downright bizarre. After a phone with a perfectly-round screen and no notifications? Yearning for a handset that can survive two hours under water? Look no further...

by Agent Cooper

apple pay 4_3

Introduction to Apple Pay

Today sees the launch of Apple Pay in the UK, bringing contactless payment to your iPhone 6, 6 Plus or Apple Watch for the very first time. Agent Lawton has been going hands-on with Apple's latest innovation – here's everything you need to know.

by Agent Lawton

jogging 4_3

How trustworthy is your fitness tracker?

Does your Fitbit think you've walked a mile without leaving the car? Or perhaps your smartwatch says you've not left the house despite a 5 mile hike? You're not alone! As Agent Bishop finds out, fitness tracking apps and accessories can be inaccurate to say the least

by Agent Bishop

WIG List Image

The Week in Geek: 29th June 2015

In this week's roundup of the web's most fascinating stories, Agent Hall reveals the mystery of the forgotten 'Nintendo Playstation' – and shares some extremely exciting news for those who travel in Europe. Sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy a fascinating read!

by Agent Hall


How does wireless charging work?

These days, more and more devices support wireless charging – but how exactly does it work, and is it worth your while? Agent Hall investigates.

by Agent Hall

Phillips Hue 4_3

Apple's HomeKit: late to the game or just in time?

With HomeKit, Apple are finally entering the 'internet of things' – allowing anybody with an iDevice to control all kinds of appliances in the connected home. But is it too late for the Cupertino giant to make an impact? Agent Jones investigates.

by Agent Jones