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apple store 5th ave 4_3

What to expect from your next iPhone

With Apple's WWDC conference behind us and the new iPhone 8 release date approaching, we take a look at the forthcoming iOS 11 – and find out just what to expect from your next iPhone when it's launched later this year.

by Agent Cruickshank

nokia 3310v2 review 3

Nokia 3310 v2 Expert Review

Since Nokia moved away from Windows Phone in 2016, rumours had been flying about what they were going to do next. That question has been answered this year with the relaunch of Nokia's most iconic handset – the Nokia 3310.

by Agent Cruickshank

samsung logo 4_3

Six strange Samsung phones that broke the mould

Love them or loathe them, Samsung have produced some of the most iconic Android phones of the last decade. Here's our look at six of the strangest and most innovative models!

by Agent Cruickshank

STK 2e pluz 4_3 1

STK Storm 2e Pluz User Manual & Setup Guide

For help using the STK Storm 2e, check out our guide covering the basics of your smartphone – from setting alarms to sending texts and more!

by Agent Cruickshank

matrix nokia 4_3

Five iconic mobiles that changed the world

The Nokia 3310 was once the most popular phone on earth, and to celebrate its relaunch this year our Agents have been looking back at iconic devices that changed the way we communicate!

by Agents Cooper and Cruickshank

stk sync 5e list 01 4_3

STK Sync 5e Pluz User Manual & Setup Guide

Need help getting started with your new STK Sync 5e? Check out our guide to help you set up the basics and learn the essentials of your smartphone.

by Agent Cruickshank

ransomware locked laptop

How to defend yourself from 'ransomware'

The recent ransomware attack almost brought the NHS to its knees – but it's not just large organisations that are at risk. Here's how to protect yourself!

by Agent Cruickshank

fireball explosion 4_3

Best gadgets to survive the collapse of civilisation

From The Walking Dead to The Hunger Games, we're fascinated by stories of what comes next when society collapses – so we've put together this little roundup of everything you'll need if the worst should happen (or if you're going camping).

by Agent Cruickshank

Samsung S8 review 1

Samsung Galaxy S8 Expert Review

Samsung's latest flagship is finally here, with a gorgeous new redesign – Agent Cruickshank takes a closer look at the most impressive Android phone we've seen all year.

by Agent Cruickshank