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How to find your SIM card number on an Android phone

If you ever need to transfer your phone number or activate a new SIM, there's a good chance you'll need your SIM number. This number is actually written on the SIM card itself – but there's also a quick and easy way to find it that doesn’t involve taking your phone to pieces.

Android is a constantly evolving operating system, and so these instructions may not be identical for every model of smartphone. We've included instructions for some of the more common places you can find your SIM number – or 'ICCID', as it's sometimes known.

Finding your SIM number in the Settings menu

find IMSI number on htc

  1. Drag your finger down from the top of the phone screen to make the notification panel appear, then press the cog icon in the top-right corner to go in to your phone's Settings menu. On some phones, you may need to swipe down twice from the top of the phone's screen to see the cog icon.
  2. Once you can see your Settings menu, scroll to the very bottom of the list and tap on About (or About Phone).
  3. Press on Phone identity (or Status).
  4. On some phones, like the HTC One, your SIM number will appear as your 'IMSI' number (International Mobile Subscriber Identity).

sony sim number 1sony sim number 2sony sim number 3sony sim number 4

  1. On other handsets, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 or Sony's Z5, your SIM number will be called an 'ICCID'. This is 20 digits long and can be found in the Status menu or inside the IMEI information section.

What if the SIM ID isn’t there?

If none of the steps listed above have helped you find your SIM number for your phone, you can either search the Google Play Store for a suitable app – or take a look at our Quick Start guides for help finding where your SIM card is on your smartphone.

Remove your SIM card and you will see a 20 digit number stamped on the back of it - this is your SIM number and can be used when contacting your network provider!

That should take care of your SIM number woes – but if you're still having trouble tracking it down, drop us a line in the comments below and we'll do what we can to help!

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