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HTC One setup and user guide

HTC One Max 4_3 5

The HTC One is HTC's powerful new smartphone. Running the latest version of Android, the One is packed full of new gadgets and features such as Google Now, BlinkFeed and an IR Blaster to take control of your TV and home media systems! With all this technology at your fingertips, why not browse through our user guide and find out how to make the most of your mobile phone with a minimum of fuss.

Click the link for the official HTC One user manual.

  1. Set up your HTC One for the first time
  2. Set up your HTC One through a computer
  3. Customise the BlinkFeed home screen
  4. Customise the standard home screen
  5. Connect to Wi-Fi and 3G networks
  6. Set up social networks (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
  7. Start using Google Now
  8. Use HTC TV
  9. Set up a TV remote using the IR Blaster
  10. Import data from your old mobile phone
  11. Power Saver mode
  12. Back up your HTC One
  13. Factory reset your HTC One
  14. Update your apps
  15. Update the Android OS
  16. How to make your phone screen stay on longer

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Set up your HTC One for the first time

If this is the first time you've turn on your new HTC One, it's time to complete the setup wizard! This is a fairly straightforward process which we've documented below to help make things easier to follow.

  1. After making sure the phone is charged, turn it on and choose your language. Press Start to continue.

  2. You should now see a list of nearby wireless networks. If you see the name of your WiFi network, touch it and fill in your wireless password (sometimes called a WEP or WPA key). Touch Next once you've connected to your preferred WiFi network.
  3. On this page, you can choose to set up the phone from scratch or restore your information from your old handset. In this section we're going to set up the HTC One from scratch, but if you would like more information on restoring your data scroll down to the 'Import data from your old handset' section further down the page.
  4. Now, you can decide to set up the phone through a computer or through selections made through the handset. Using a computer offers more control during the setup process and is documented under the 'Set up your HTC One through a computer', but for those of us who don't have a computer to hand let's choose to Skip this page and continue setting up through the phone.HTC One setup wizard 1
  5. After skipping the PC setup, the HTC One will now ask you to sign in to any email or social networking accounts you may have. Configuring these accounts can be as easy as tapping on the type of account you wish to add, then typing in your username and password to finish. Click the link for more detailed information on signing in to social networking services, which is also displayed further down the page. For the purposes of this guide (and as it's vital if you want to get the most out of your Android phone), press on Google to sign in with or create a new Gmail account.
  6. If you already have a Google email address, press Yes. If you need to create a Google email address, press No to start creating a fresh account.
  7. Fill in your Google email address and password, then press the right-facing arrow to move to the next page.
  8. You may be prompted to add a credit or debit card to your account at this stage, this isn't necessary but does make it easier for you to purchase apps through the Play Store.HTC One setup wizard 2
  9. If you've owned an Android phone in the past, you can restore any settings or apps to your HTC One by ticking the Restore from my Google account... option. I would recommend ticking the box below it marked Keep this phone backed up... to keep your bookmarks and other settings safe should you misplace your phone in the future.
  10. The phone will now take you to back to the Accounts & sync page. One thing to take note of is that the HTC One comes with 25GB of online storage through Dropbox, and now would be a good time to sign in to or create a Dropbox account and take advantage of this offer. Touch the Dropbox entry and fill in your details before pressing Next.
  11. Now you should see a tick-box to Help make HTC better. This won't affect how your smart phone works but can help to improve products and services in future, tick it if you feel like being helpful or leave it unticked if you prefer to not send reports to HTC. Press OK to move to the next page.HTC One setup wizard 3
  12. Google's location services are very good at improving your internet searches, results are filtered using your location data so that, for example, a search for "cinema times" would suggest listings for nearby cinemas. If you don't want to have this service, untick the boxes and touch Next.
  13. Set your time and date. More often than not, the time and date will be set correctly thanks to the mobile network. Confirm the details and press Next.
  14. On this page you can choose to back up your handset to HTC's cloud service. The HTC service conflicts with Google's backup service and so only one company can be selected at any time. If you choose to back up with HTC, you may be required to sign in to or create an account with them. Once you've picked your preferred provider, touch Next.
  15. Choose a name for your phone! You can pick whatever you like as an appropriate name, the name usually shows up when connecting your handset to a computer or another device.HTC One setup wizard 4

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Set up your HTC One through a computer

If you reached the stage of the setup wizard where you chose between setting up your phone through a PC or continuing the setup process on the handset, you may have wanted to choose your computer instead of following the guide listed in step 1 on this page. Follow the intstructions below for more information on setting your HTC One up through a computer.

  1. When asked "How do you want to set up the phone?" during the setup wizard, choose to set up from scratch. Press Next to continue.
  2. On the next page, touch the Get Started button to start the web setup process.
  3. From your computer's browser, go to
  4. Your HTC One will generate a random code for you to type in to the HTC website, pairing the phone with your browser window on your computer.
  5. Put the phone to one side, the next few steps are all managed through your internet browser on the computer.HTC One PC setup wizard 2 (phone)
  6. On the website, type in the code generated by your phone in step 4. - image
  7. Select the appropriate mobile network for your phone and press Next step. - image
  8. Decide on a template to set your HTC One up with, or select Create my own to pick your own style. Touch Next step. - image
  9. Click on some news sources to integrate with your homescreen. If you don't want to add any, press Next step without clicking on any other options. - image
  10. On this page, you can choose some free apps to install to your HTC One from the moment it's set up. Click to select any apps that catch your eye and press Next step - image
  11. To set your alarm, notification and ringtone sounds, choose the appropriate category from the top of the page and scroll through the lists of samples until you find the right tones for you. You're even able to upload music or sounds from your computer from this page, to do this click the cursor on Upload Custom Ringtone and pick some music from your collection. Any sounds you pick will be transferred to your phone over the WiFi connection, no wires needed. Press Next step when you're ready to move on. - image
  12. On this new page, select bookmarks from the list of suggested sites or add your own at the top of the page by typing in the name of the website and the website address (the URL), followed by clicking the +Add button. To continue, press Next step. - image
  13. As with ringtones, you can choose a wallpaper for your HTC One from the list of suggestions on the web page or by uploading an image from your computer. Click on the wallpaper of your choice and press Next step. - image
  14. This page is dedicated to lock screens. Lock screens usually add additional features to a normally very plain interface on your smartphone. Some lock screens offer controls for your music player, others will display photos from your gallery or status updates from your social networks. Once you've selected a lock screen which meets your requirements, click Next step. - image
  15. Add email accounts by clicking on the appropriate account type and filling in your email address and password. You may also set up a Dropbox account on this page, which can be achieved from clicking the Dropbox icon and adding your details. - image
  16. As mentioned earlier in this guide, Google's location services can be a great addition to your smartphone and the Tell HTC option will help to improve HTC's products and services in future. If you don't want this features and wish to opt out, simply untick the boxes and click on Next step. - image
  17. To save your choices and send your settings to your phone, you must sign in with either a Facebook or an HTC account on both the website and also on your HTC One. After signing in, on the website, you should see this page. On your handset, press the link for already finished on the web? and sign in to the corresponding Facebook or HTC account you just entered on the computer. You can now finish the setup wizard and begin using your new smartphone!

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Customise the BlinkFeed home screen

BlinkFeed is HTC's new addition to the home screen environment. You can tailor it to show information and highlights from your favourite news feeds, social networks or even TV shows! If you don't want to take advantage of BlinkFeed, simply ignore that particular part of your homepage. It won't use up any internet or collect any of your information if you decide not to set it up. If you do want to make the most of your smartphone's features, read our guide below to get set up with the BlinkFeed homescreen.

  1. Press the Home button on your HTC One to visit the BlinkFeed home page.
  2. Place your finger on the screen and slide it downwards until the options bar appears at the top of the the feeds list.
  3. Tap on the menu button (the three dots in the top-right corner) and choose Topics and services.
  4. Scroll left and right through the different categories of feeds available, and scroll up and down within each category to decide which particular sources you want to add to your homescreen. Tick the boxes for each source you like, then press the home button to go back to your BlinkFeed home screen.
    HTC One blinkfeed 1

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Customise the standard home screen

The HTC One has more than just BlinkFeed to take up space on your home screen. The standard interface is still there, hiding one page to the right of BlinkFeed, and can house apps, widgets and shortcuts in the same way all Android handsets do. Follow our guide to find out more!

  1. From the BlinkFeed homescreen, press and slide your finger down the screen until the options bar appears.
  2. Press the menu button and choose customise home screen.
  3. At the top of the customisation screen you will see miniature versions of your current home screens, and below should be a list of widgets currently installed on your HTC One. Tap on a widget you'd like to add, then drag the widget up to one of the mini home screens and let go to place it on your phone's desktop environment.
  4. To choose an app instead of a widget, tap on the widgets drop down menu to change the view to apps or shortcuts. Press your finger on the app of your choice then drag it up to a home screen to finish.HTC one home screen 1
  5. To add more home screens to the HTC One, tap the add panel button at the very top of the customisation page.
  6. If you want to change the wallpaper, lock screen or ringtones, these custom options are stored in the system settings menu. Touch the notification bar at the top of the HTC One's display and slide your finger down to access the notification panel.
  7. Press the cog in the top-right corner of the notifications panel to access the system settings.
  8. Touch the Personalize entry on this page to reach the personalisation options.
  9. Tap on Wallpaper to pick a new background image for your handset, or choose Lock screen style to change the function of the phone's lock screen. Ringtones, notification sounds and alarm tones can also be changed on this screen.HTC one home screen 2

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Connect to WiFi and 3G networks

Your HTC One is a powerful piece of kit, but without an internet connection many of its finest features are redundant! Fresh apps can't be downloaded, existing apps can't be updated, even your social networks and email accounts can't retrieve new data! Make sure your phone is working to its fullest by using our short guide below.


  1. To connect to Wi-Fi, start by dragging down the notification bar at the top of the phone's screen and tapping the cog icon in the top-right corner to access the system settings.
  2. Press on the word Wi-Fi and press the on/off switch if the Wi-Fi isn't already turned on.
  3. Local wireless networks should start to appear on the page, simply tap on the one you wish to connect to and type in the password (if required). If the password was correct, you should now be connected to your wireless network!HTC One PC setup wizard 1 (phone)

Mobile Internet

  1. Starting from the notification panel, touch the cog icon in the top right-hand corner to see the system settings.
  2. Press on/off switch next to Mobile data to turn on your phone's mobile internet (if it isn't already set to on).
  3. If you're still having issues connecting, press on the words Mobile data to see the mobile network settings. touch Access point names to see which settings are currently in use by the phone. To import mobile internet settings from the SIM card, press the three dots in the top-right corner to access the menu and touch Reset to default. If you have been supplied new settings by your network provider or are trying some of the settings from our APNs page here, press New APN.HTC One 3G proper

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Set up social networks (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)

If you're an avid social networker or even just a regular user who wants to see the occasional update from friends or family, your HTC One supports Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts right out of the box. Read on to find out how to sign in to your favourite social networks with a minimum of fuss!


  1. From the home screen, press the square Apps button and find the blue Facebook icon.
  2. Sign in using your email address and Facebook password. Touch Log in to continue.
  3. You may be asked how you want to synchronise your contacts. Syncing with existing contacts adds information from Facebook to any contacts in your address book who you also have as a friend in your Facebook account, and is the recommended option to go for. If you choose Sync all, you may well end up with a very cluttered address book on your phone in no time at all!HTC One facebook 1


  1. From the apps list, find the Google+ icon and tap it to begin setting up the Google+ app.
  2. Like the Facebook app, Google+ will ask you whether you want to add your Google+ contacts to your Android address book, and if you would like Google to make suggestions for new contacts. press Next to continue.
  3. On the next page of the G+ setup, you can turn on Instant Upload. This feature will upload any pictures and videos you take, saving them to a private account created for you on the Picasa website. This makes your photos very accessible when posting on Google+, but can use up quite a bit of your internet allowance if you're not careful! tick the box for Over Wi-Fi only to make sure all your uploads are performed over a Wi-Fi connection.
  4. You're done! Now you use the app to your heart's content.
    HTC One G+ 1


  1. Find and open the Twitter app from your apps list.
  2. Press Sign up to create a new account, or press Sign in if you're already a member.
  3. Type in either your username or your email address in the top box, followed by your password in the next box down. press Sign in when you're ready to continue.
  4. You may be asked to provide authorization for HTC Sense to have access to your twitter account. This allows your phone to display tweets in BlinkFeed as well as let you post to twitter from within another app on the phone.HTC One twitter 1

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Start using Google Now

Google Now is a new feature from Google, expanding from their standard Google Search service. With Google Now, your phone will now suggest alternate travel routes for regular journeys like your commute to work, and also inform you of any traffic delays en route. Google Now can tell you when your favourite sports teams are playing, provide details of upcoming birthdays or other important calendar events too!

  1. To start using Google Now, press and hold the Home button on your phone.
  2. Flick through the example pages to see how the Google Now service works and what kind of information it will display for you. Press the Next button to continue through each example.
  3. Once you reach the end of the examples, you must decide to start using Google Now, or continue using the phone without it. Touch Yes, I'm in to agree to the service and progress to the next step.
  4. You will now see the main page of Google Now. New cards will appear here every time the phone wants to inform you of something! Touch the three dots in the bottom right-hand corner to access the menu, from here you can add sports teams, places or stocks you want to follow. When your team scores or your stock prices change, new cards will show up with information that's relevant to you.HTC One google now 1

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HTC's TV app acts as a TV guide on your phone, showing upcoming TV shows or providing alerts when one of your favourite programs is about to start. To tailor the TV app to your own personal preferences, follow our guide below!

  1. From your apps list, find the TV icon and press it to start using HTC TV.
  2. The first time you use the app, you will be asked to pick your location. Touch the appropriate location and press Next to continue.
  3. On the next page, fill in your postcode. This will help narrow down which channels you should expect to see in your particular area. Press Next when you're finished.
  4. Select your TV service provider. If you don't have a premium TV service and rely on freeview digital channels, choose Freeview. When you're ready to continue, press Next.HTC One TV 1
  5. You may need to clarify your region on this next page. In the example show below, we were asked whether channel 1 on our TV shows BBC North West or BBC Midlands but this is dependant on your location. After making your choice, press Next.
  6. On this page, tick each box next to the channels you receive through your TV provider. Pressing the heart icon will add that channel to your list of favourites! When you're ready to continue, tap Next.
  7. If you are a user of HTC's Watch app you can select to add it to your feeds list on this page, or just press Next to move on.HTC One TV 2
  8. If you have any shows you favourite above all others, here is where you get to cherrypick. Touch the heart beside each show you enjoy to add it to your favourites list. Tap Finish to complete the TV setup process.
  9. You can choose to share certain information with HTC to improve their service in future, opting out is as simple as pressing Cancel but if you wish to help HTC, tap OK.
  10. You're done! You can now browse through the app to see what's coming up or currently being played on a TV near you.HTC One TV 3

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Set up a TV remote using the IR Blaster

My favourite feature of the HTC One is the built-in IR Blaster, aimed at replacing your TV remote with your new smart phone. After testing this out myself, I found it to be very easy to get working and works on a very large number of different TVs and home cinema devices with infrared support.

  1. Open the TV app from your apps list and run through the setup process listed in the step above, if you haven't already done so. Along the top of this app are four icons, find the one which resembles a TV remote and press it to set up your infrared remote software.
  2. After reading the very brief description of what the HTC Remote is, press Start.
  3. On this page you can choose to name the remote you're configuring. This is handy if you're going to be setting up more than one remote, for example if you have more than one TV or want to control a home theatre amp. After choosing a suitable name, press >Next.
  4. You can now decide what you would like this remote to control. Tick the box next to each service you'd like to have control over and press Next when you're finished. In our example, we're going to configure a TV remote.HTC One IR Blaster 1
  5. You should now see a page asking you to pick the manufacturer of your TV. If you can't see yours immediately, you can type the name in to the search box at the top of the list. After tapping on your TV's manufacturer, press Next.
  6. Turn your TV to standby mode if it isn't already and press Next.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to test if your phone is sending signals to the TV. Once you've managed to turn the TV on using the phone, press Yes followed by OK to complete the setup process.HTC One IR Blaster 2
  8. You can now see a representation of your TV's remote control! In our example shown here, you can switch between the controls and the numberpad by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Tapping the three dots at the top right-hand corner of the screen will display the options menu, and let you choose different inputs (handy for switching between consoles, TV channels and DVD/BluRay players).

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Import Contacts & data from your old Smartphone

htc one mini contacts stretch

HTC have an outstanding data transfer tool which works with most smartphones, helping you keep your contacts, pictures and other media safe and sound. Whether you're upgrading from an iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone or another Android, our Geek Squad guide to the HTC Transfer Tool will help move all your data to your HTC One.

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Power Saver mode

The battery life of the HTC One is expected to be quite high, but there's always room for improvement! If you want to stretch your battery's capacity to its fullest, follow the guide below to find out how.

  1. There are two ways you can access the power saving features on your HTC One, either by opening your apps list, tapping on Settings and scrolling down to Power saver or by pulling down the notifications panel and tapping on Power saver at the top of the page.
  2. Within the power-saving menu, you can choose to conserve CPU usage (this affects the speed of your phone), Display (this affects the brightness of your screen), Vibration (this will stop the phone vibrating for key presses and notifications) and Data connection (this will turn off internet services when the screen is turned off).
  3. Once power saver is enabled, no further changes can be made until power saver is turned off again.HTC One power saver 1

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Back up your HTC One

Backing up your phone can come in very handy should you need to replace or reset your phone for any reason. Backing up is done to an online account to minimise the risk of deleting or losing the backup file on your handset, and can be done through either Google or HTC's own service by default, although third party backup services are available through the Play Store. To begin backing up, follow the guide below.

  1. Slide down your notification bar and tap the cog in the top-right coner to access your phone's settings menu.
  2. Find and press on the Backup & reset entry on the list to view the related options.
  3. Turn on the backup service by pressing the off switch.
  4. Choose which service you wish to use to back up your data. Choosing HTC's service does have a little bit more to offer feature-wise but does require an HTC account to be made. Google's service works with the phone's existing Google account (if you've signed in with one already).
  5. After making your selection, you may be asked to sign in with either a Google or an HTC account. Once you're signed in, your phone will now make regular online backups so long as you have an internet connection.HTC One backup 1

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Factory reset your HTC One

Should the unthinkable happen and your phone become unresponsive or behave badly, it may be time to restore the phone to its factory default settings. If at all possible, follow the guide above to make sure your data is backed up before resetting your HTC One. If you have already backed up or are unable to do so, follow our instructions below to reset your handset!

  1. Slide down your notification panel and press the cog in the top corner to enter the settings menu.
  2. Scroll down to the Backup & restore entry in the list and tap on it to continue.
  3. At the bottom of this page lies the Reset phone option. Press on it to start the restore process.
  4. The phone will now show you what kind of data will be reset after the process is complete. Press OK twice to confirm that you definitely want to wipe your phone clean, then wait whilst the phone resets and reboots. Once the phone turns back on, all your data will have been removed and you will have to sign back in to any online accounts. make sure to sign back in to the Google or HTC account in order to recover data you've backed up previously!HTC One backup 1

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Update your apps

Every so often, an update may become available for one or more of your apps, whether they came installed on the phone or were downloaded through the Play Store by yourself. To check if your apps are out of date, have a read through our instructions below.

  1. From your apps list, find and open the Play Store. This is where nearly all of your apps will be downloaded from.
  2. Once the Play Store is open on the screen, tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to view the menu. Press My apps to see a list of all the applications currently installed on your handset.
  3. The apps list will be broken down in to multiple sections if updates are waiting to download. The top section is usually reserved for outdated apps, and any apps appearing in this list can be updated automatically by tapping on the Update button in the top-right of the screen.HTC One update apps 1
  4. To update apps individually (or if you have a second section for Manual updates), tap on the name of your chosen app to see its summary page. This is where you can see what's new in the latest version and read reviews from other users of the app. To begin updating this way, press the Update button at the top of this page.
  5. If you go back to the My apps page you should now see a section entitled Downloading. You can monitor the progress of each update as it downloads, and cancel individual uploads by simply tapping on an app's name and choosing Cancel.HTC One update apps 2

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Update the Android Operating system

Your HTC One is already running the (current) latest version of Android, codenamed Jelly Bean. This won't be the case forever as Google plan on releasing more versions of the Android operating system in the foreseeable future, so to prepare for this eventuality follow our guide below!

  1. Slide down your notification bar and tap the cog icon in the top right corner to view the phone's settings page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and press on the last entry, About.
  3. On the About page, tap the top option marked Software updates.
  4. Make sure that Update over Wi-Fi only is ticked, this stops your phone from using up your entire monthly data allowance should an update be downloaded. Tap Check now to see if an update is available for your HTC One, if an update is found simply confirm you wish to install it and wait for the phone to update itself!HTC One update android 1

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A common question we get asked here at the Geek Squad is how to stop phones and phone screens from turning off or going to sleep so quickly. The reason why your screen turns off so suddenly is due to the fact that most of your battery is spent lighting up your screen, and the longer your screen is left on, the quicker your battery will deplete.

There is a middle ground to be reached, so read through the following few steps to find out how to change the length of time your phone stays awake for!

HTC One screen timeout
  1. Open your Apps list and find Settings. Tap on it to continue.
  2. Scroll down the list until you find Display, gestures & buttons. Press it to view the display settings for your HTC One.
  3. Find and tap on the Screen timeout option.
  4. You can choose from a number of different time settings, but we recommend keeping it simple. Pick either one or two minutes as anything higher will make your battery run down much quicker. If you're feeling adventurous you can set it higher, but we find that if you're not touching the phone screen for longer than two minutes it's usually because the phone isn't in use!

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