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iPhone 5 setup and user guide

iPhone 5 review

Agent Hall shows how to setup the iPhone 5 in our comprehensive user guide, including inserting the SIM card, transferring contacts, setting up iCloud, and using the cool new call features.

Looking for the official iPhone 5 user manual?

Our guide to setting up your iPhone 5

  1. Unboxing the iPhone 5
  2. How to insert the SIM into the iPhone 5
  3. How to follow the initial iPhone 5 setup
  4. How to set up your contacts and calendars on the iPhone 5
  5. How to set up internet on the iPhone 5
  6. How to set up email on the iPhone 5
  7. How to set up Facebook and Twitter on the iPhone 5
  8. How to set up iCloud on the iPhone 5
  9. How to change the wallpaper on the iPhone 5

Our guide to using your iPhone 5

  1. How to use new call features on the iPhone 5
  2. How to view notifications on the iPhone 5
  3. How to download and organise apps on the iPhone 5
  4. How to use Maps on the iPhone 5
  5. How to use Siri on the iPhone 5
  6. How to use FaceTime on the iPhone 5
  7. How to use Passbook on the iPhone 5
  8. How to use the new iPhone 5 camera features
  9. How to backup your data on the iPhone 5
  10. How to update your iPhone 5

Unboxing the iPhone 5

When you finally manage to get your hands on your new iPhone and open up the box, here's what you will find:

Unboxing the iPhone 5
  1. An iPhone 5 handset - woo hoo! Has anything ever looked so shiny?
  2. Documents envelope (a basic setup guide and a few bits of other information, plus the SIM removal tool you'll need to insert the Nano SIM card)
  3. Lightning USB cable - a charging and syncing cable that's smaller, reversable and faster
  4. Mains plug adaptor with USB socket for the Lightning cable
  5. EarPods - these are the new Apple earphones. They come in a handy travel case and have an inline remote and mic allowing you to change volume, pause music and take calls

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How to insert a Nano SIM into the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has a new kind of SIM card called a Nano SIM, which is smaller than the Micro SIM in the iPhone 4. This means that any existing SIM card you have will not fit in the SIM card slot. Not to worry though, we're here to help.

In the box with your new iPhone should be a small envelope of documents. Attached to the inside of this is a small metal ring with a spike on. This is the SIM removal tool and is used to eject the SIM card tray.

Halfway down the right hand side of the iPhone is a small pin hole. All you need to do is push the SIM removal tool into this hole and a small tray will pop out. Put your SIM card into this tray and slide it back in and you are good to go.

You may need to speak to your mobile network to transfer your number over on to this new Nano SIM card.

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How to follow the initial iPhone 5 setup

With iOS 6, the initial setup process on the iPhone is simpler than ever. You don't even need to plug your iPhone into a computer. Simply slide your finger to begin the setup.

iPhone 5 in landscape mode

Choose your language

The first screen asks you to choose your language. Select the language you want from the list and click 'Next'.

Wi-Fi setup

You will now be asked to connect to Wi-Fi. Choose your Wi-Fi network from the list and enter the network key. Remember, this is case sensitive. When you are connected, click 'Next.'.

Activate your iPhone

The next stage is to activate the iPhone with Apple. This may take several minutes, especially if you are trying to do it on launch day.

Setup location services

Once the activation is complete, you will be asked if you want to use location services. This uses the GPS to find your location for things like Google searches and Siri.

Restore from your old iPhone or set up as a new device?

You now have the option of restoring from a backup or setting the phone up as a new handset.

Restore from the iTunes or iCloud backup of your old iPhone

If you are already an iPhone user, you can backup your old handset via iTunes or iCloud. If you choose to restore from iTunes, you will need to plug your phone into your computer at this point.

If you are restoring from iCloud, sign in with your Apple ID and password and agree to the T&Cs. You can then select which backup you want to use and click restore. This may take a couple of hours to restore.

Setup as a new device

If you are new to iPhone, you will need to select the option to set up as a new iPhone. You will then be guided through the process of creating an Apple ID and password to allow you to buy applications and music as well as use iCloud.

Whichever option you choose, once the setup is complete, you are ready to start using your new iPhone.

Now it's time to set up your contacts and calendars.

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How to set up your contacts and calendars on the iPhone 5

Transferring contacts from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5

If you already have an iPhone, you can easily transfer your contacts from your old one to the new one, using Apple's iCloud online content storage.

Setup iCloud on your old iPhone (if you haven't already)

If you do not have iCloud set up on your old iPhone follow this process:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Select iCloud (if necessary, sign in with your Apple ID);
  3. Turn Contacts on;
  4. Select the option to Merge your Data with iCloud;

This will upload all your contacts onto the iCloud.

iPhone 5 lightning connector

Once you have backed up your old iPhone to iCloud all you need to do is choose the option to use iCloud during the initial setup of your iPhone 5 and your contacts will automatically appear on the handset.

Transferring contacts from an Android smartphone to the iPhone 5

If it is set up correctly, your Android phone should automatically backup your contacts to Googlemail. You will need to plug your new iPhone 5 into your computer to copy these across.

  1. Open iTunes and plug your iPhone 5 into your PC or Mac;
  2. Click the Info tab along the top and tick the option to Sync contacts;
  3. Choose Google from the drop down menu;
  4. Sign in to Google with your Gmail email address and password;
  5. Select Apply.

Your contacts should automatically sync across to your iPhone.

Transferring contacts from a BlackBerry smartphone to iPhone 5

Transferring contacts from a BlackBerry smartphone to an iPhone 5 is a little more complicated. You will need to download and install the Blackberry Desktop Software (BDS) from their website in order to sync your contacts with your PC.

  1. Open BDS;
  2. Plug in Blackberry Smartphone;
  3. Select Organiser;
  4. Tick Contacts box;
  5. Select One way to computer from first dropdown;
  6. Select Windows Contacts from second dropdown;
  7. Press Sync Organizer in bottom right corner of B.D.S.

Once this is done, you can then use iTunes to sync them to the iPhone.

  1. Open iTunes and plug your iPhone in.
  2. Click the Info tab along the top and tick the option to Sync contacts.
  3. Select the location of your contacts from the drop down menu and click Sync to transfer to the iPhone.
  4. Do the same with calendars and your data should be transferred.

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How to set up the internet on the iPhone 5

If you know the password for your wireless network, all you need to do is type this into the iPhone 5 to connect. To do this:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Wi-Fi
  3. Ensure Wi-Fi is turned on
  4. Select your wireless network from the list that appears
  5. You will be asked to enter your password, so just type this in. Remember that your password is case sensitive.

Once the iPhone has been connected to a network once, it will automatically connect to this network whenever it is within range.

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How to set up email on the iPhone 5

Setting up email on the iPhone 5
  1. Select Settings;
  2. Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars;
  3. Select Add Account;
  4. Select the type of email account from the list and enter your details.
  5. Click 'Next' in the top right corner and you are ready to go.

If you have an email account that is not in the list, click 'Other' and then choose 'Add Mail Account.' You can then fill in your email address and password. You may be required to enter additional details like incoming mail server settings but these can be obtained from your email provider.

Once you have added your account, click the Mail icon from the main menu to access you emails. If you have set up more than one email account, you can view all your emails in one inbox, by choosing the 'All Inboxes' option.

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How to set up Facebook and Twitter on the iPhone 5

Twitter and Facebook are now integrated into iOS 6 on the iPhone 5. Use the following steps to set them up:

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Scroll down to Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Click the Install button
  4. Sign in with your Apple ID password to download the application.

Once the applications are installed, you can update your contacts with Twitter and Facebook usernames and profile photos by clicking the Update Contacts button.

You can now Tweet or Post directly from the Notification Centre by pulling the menu bar down from the top of the screen and pressing 'Tap to Tweet' or 'Tap to Post'. You can also upload pictures and share websites, using the share icon which looks like an arrow coming out of a box. This will appear in Safari and the Photo application.

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How to set up iCloud on the iPhone 5

Apple's iCloud online storage service is free, and when you set up iCloud on your iPhone 5 you can pull down your contacts, calendars and media files to your brand new smartphone over Wi-Fi without any extra effort! Everything in one place, seamlessly.

How to activate iCloud:

  • Go to the Settings menu and scroll down to iCloud. If you have never used it before, you will need to sign in with your Apple ID and password

When you have signed in, you can select which pieces of information you want to sync with iCloud. When asked, make sure you select the option to merge your data with iCloud

  • Mail - turning this on will automatically creat an or email account for you to use. This can be accessed through the website
  • Contacts - syncs your iPhone contacts with the website
  • Calendars - syncs your calendar appointments with the website
  • Reminders - syncs reminders with the website
  • Safari - syncs your Safari bookmarks and open tabs with your Mac computer running OS X Mountain Lion
  • Notes - syncs the Notes application with the website
  • Passbook - syncs boarding passes, loyalty cards etc with other iOS devices
  • Photo Stream - automatically uploads your photos to iCloud to be downloaded on other iOS devices and computers running Mac OS X Lion or above or Windows Vista or above
  • Documents & Data - syncs iWork documents with the iCloud website
  • Find My iPhone - allows you to track, lock and wipe your phone through if the phone is lost or stolen
  • iCloud Backup is another useful feature that will automatically backup your iPhone when it is connected to Wi-Fi and is on charge. To turn this on, click on the Storage & Backup option from the iCloud menu and turn Backup on.

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How to change the wallpaper on the iPhone 5

Change the wallpaper on the iPhone 5
  1. Open the Settings menu and select Brightness and Wallpaper;
  2. You will see a picture of your current wallpaper and lock screen. Click on this and then choose whether you want to use one of the built in Apple wallpapers or a photo from your Camera Roll;
  3. When you have selected the image you want, click Set and then choose if you want it to be the Lock screen, the Home screen or both.

There are also lots of wallpaper applications available from the App Store that will allow you to download 1000s of other images for use as a Wallpaper.

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How to use the new call features on the iPhone 5

When you receive a call on the iPhone 5, you have the option of rejecting it and sending a text message to the caller to tell them why.

All you need to do is slide the message icon upwards to bring up a list of messages you can send. You can select one of the predefined ones or type a custom message.

You can change the predefined replies by going to the Settings menu and selecting Phone. Go to the Reply with Message option and just type in the messages you want to use into the 3 boxes available.

You can also use the Do Not Disturb feature to automatically reject calls. To configure the settings for this, go to the Settings menu and tap Notifications and then Do Not Disturb.

There are numerous ways of configuring this. You can set a schedule to automatically reject calls between certain times. You can also choose to automatically allow calls from your favorites or contacts. The final option is to allow repeated calls to come through. This means that if someone calls you twice within 3 minutes, the call will be allowed regardless of the other settings. This is useful in an emergency situation.

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How to view notifications on the iPhone 5

To choose which notifications appear in here, go to the Settings menu and select Notifications. You will then see a list of all the apps that are in notification centre. Click on each one to select the type of notifications you want to receive or to turn off notifications completely for that app.

Viewing your notifications on iPhone 5 is as simple as putting your finger at the top of the screen and dragging downwards. This will bring up the Notification Centre and shows you any email, missed calls, texts etc as well as messages from certain applications.

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How to download and organise apps on the iPhone 5

How to download apps

Download apps from the Apple App Store to the iPhone 5

To download apps, first click on the App Store icon on your iPhone 5. You will be taken to a list of the new and featured applications. Along the bottom of the screen, you will see 5 options:

  • Featured
  • Charts
  • Genius
  • Search
  • Updates

These can be used to browse and search for any applications you might want to download. The Genius option suggests applications you may like based on ones you have downloaded in the past.

Once you have located an application you are interested in, click on it to view more information. You will see a description of the app, some screenshots and reviews by existing users.

At the top of the screen, it will either show the price of the app or it will say Free. Click on this and then click on Install or Buy to download the app. You will need to sign in with your Apple ID and password. The app will then automatically appear on your home screen and you can just tap on it to open it up.

Some applications require very large downloads so you may need to connect to Wi-Fi before downloading them.

How to organise apps

When you have downloaded a few apps, you can start to organise them. New apps will automatically be added to the end of the list after the last application. To change the order, just press and hold your finger on an app for a few seconds. The icons will start to jiggle about. You can now just drag the icons around into any order your like. When you are done, just press the home button.

If you drag one app icon on top of another, both apps will be put into a new folder. You can give the folder a name, Games for example. Further apps can be put into the folder by dragging them into it. On an iPhone 5, you can fit 16 apps in a folder. Older iPhones can only fit 12 due to the smaller screen.

If you want to remove an application completely from the phone, press and hold your finger on it till it starts to jiggle about. You can then press the X in the top left of the app icon to remove it. The app will be deleted off the phone but is still linked to your Apple ID so it can be downloaded again for free if you want to use it again.

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How to use Maps on the iPhone 5

Using maps on the iPhone 5

To begin using maps on iPhone 5, click the Maps icon from the main screen to open the application. You can now view your current location by clicking on the arrow in the bottom left of the screen. This will then turn purple and you will see your location indicated by a blue circle. The size of this circle will vary depending on the strength of your GPS signal. If you tap the arrow icon a second time, the map will orientate to show the direction you are facing.

The default view in Maps just shows you a graphical map. To view satellite images, click the upturned corner of the map in the bottom right. You can now choose between standard, hybrid or satellite images. Hybrid offers satellite images with road names overlayed on top. From this menu, you can also choose whether to display traffic information. Remember, the Maps application requires and internet connection to download the maps. If you are not on Wi-Fi, make sure you only use the standard map option to avoid high data usage charges.

To search for another location, use the search box along the top of the screen. Click on this to bring up the keyboard. You can now type in a place, a postcode or even a name if you have addresses assigned to your contacts. Click search to be taken to the location.

To use the turn by turn navigation, click the bent arrow in the top left of the screen and type in your start and end points. You can type in "Current location" to navigate to or from your current position. Along the top of the screen you can select from car, walking or public transport directions (although at the moment, public transport directions are not available). Click Route in the top right to calculate the route. You may be presented with more than one route. In this case, select the one you want and click start. Siri will then start to read out the directions just like a normal sat nav.

Another new feature on iPhone 5 is Flyover which offers shows a 3D model of some cities that you can navigate and rotate. When this is available, you will see an icon in the bottom left that looks like 3 buildings. Click this to go into Flyover mode. This only works when using Hybrid or Satellite mode for the maps. Once in Flyover mode, you can pinch to zoom, move 2 fingers up or down to change the angle or rotate 2 fingers around a point to turn the 3D model. At the moment, London, Birmingham and Manchester have Flyover mode in the UK but other cities are being added all the time.

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How to use Siri on the iPhone 5

Using Siri on the iPhone 5

To begin using Siri, you first need to make sure it is turned on and configured properly. To do this, go to Settings > General > Siri. In this menu, make sure Siri is turned on and set to the correct language. The My Info option in this menu allows you to select your information from the contacts list. This allows Siri to respond with your name. The Raise to Speak option is also useful as it will activate Siri whenever you place the phone to your ear while the screen is turned on.

When Siri is configured, you can activate it by pressing and holding the home button for a few seconds. A purple microphone will appear along the bottom of the screen indicating that Siri is listening. All you need to do now is talk!

Use Siri to search for local businesses

One of Siri's new abilities in iOS6 is searching for local businesses. For example, ask Siri "Where should I go for dinner tonight?" and you will be presented with a list of local restaurants. Click on one to see the telephone number, address and distance from your current location. You will also see reviews from Yelp and an indication of the price of the food from £ to ££££. When you have decided where you want to eat, tap the mic icon and say "Get directions" to be provided with turn by turn navigation from your current location.

Use Siri to find out local movie times

Siri also has access to movie information. Ask Siri "What is on at the cinema?" and you will get a list of movies showing at local cinemas. Click on one of the movies for more information. You will get a brief synopsis, the Rotten Tomatoes review rating and a link to watch the trailer for the movie. Along the bottom, you will see a list of times that it is playing. Click this to see which cinemas are showing it and then click the cinema to get directions.

Use Siri to keep up to date with the latest sports scores

Siri's last new ability in iOS 6 is the capability to access sports scores and information. In the UK, this is limited to Premier League Football but most American sports (Baseball, Basketball, NFL etc) are covered as well. For example, you can ask Siri "What was the score in the last Chelsea game?" and you will get the date, score and location of the last game. You can also ask about specific players, for example, asking "How tall is Andy Carroll?" will give you the answer along with other stats about him.

What else can Siri do?

These are just Siri's new cababilities that have been introduced with iOS 6. Siri has a lot of other functionality built in including the ability to send text messages, create reminders and timers, check the weather and search the web. For more information on these, hold the home button to open Siri and then click the i button on the right hand side to access a full list of Siri's functions.

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How to use FaceTime on the iPhone 5

Using FaceTime on the iPhone 5

Facetime is one of the easiest features to use on iPhone. All you need to do is make a call. If the person you are calling also has an iPhone, you just need to click on the Facetime option once the call has connected and you will be switched to Facetime. If the other person is not using an iPhone, the Facetime option will be greyed out.

You can also Facetime people using a Mac computer, an iPad or an iPod Touch. To do this, you will need the email address they have used to register for Facetime. Once this is saved to a contact, all you need to do is open that contact and click the Facetime option at the bottom of the screen and you are up and running.

Facetime now works over 3G as well as Wi-Fi but be aware that it could eat up your data allowance quite quickly if you use it regularly on 3G.

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How to use Passbook on the iPhone 5

Using Passbook on the iPhone 5

To use Passbook, you first need to install an application that is compatible with it. The easiest way of accessing these is to open Passbook and click App Store. You will be taken into a list of all the Passbook compatible apps. At the moment these are limited to 2 USA airlines, Lufthansa and iHotel.

The airline apps allow you to book a flight and save the boarding pass in Passbook. The idea is that the iPhone will use GPS to pick up when you arrive at the airport and the boarding pass will appear on screen ready to be scanned at the check in.

The iHotel app works in a similar way. You can book a hotel in the app and save all the reservation information in Passbook ready to be accessed at the check in.

Eventually, Passbook will also be used for store loyalty cards allowing you to keep all your cards in one place without having to find seperate applications everytime you get to the till.

Passbook is still very new so it will take a while for it to become popular but it could be very useful in the future.

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How to use the new iPhone 5 camera features

Using the camera on the iPhone 5

To use the new Panorama feature on the iPhone 5, first open the Camera and click options at the top of the screen. Tap Panorama to begin.

You will now see a line with an arrow on the screen. Tap the shutter button to start taking the picture and then just sweep the phone in an arc over the area you want to take the photo of. Try and keep the arrow on the line as you are doing this. You will be told to slow down if you move too quickly. When you reach the end of the line, the photo will be automatically saved to your camera roll.

How to take photos and video at the same time

The other new camera feature on iPhone 5 is the ability to take photos at the same time as recording video. To do this, open the camera and switch to video mode using the slider on the right hand side of the screen. Begin recording video as normal using the red dot. To take a picture, just tap the camera icon. The photos and the video will automatically be saved to your camera roll.

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How to backup your data on the iPhone 5

Backing up the iPhone 5

To backup your iPhone using iCloud, start by going to the Settings menu. Select iCloud and choose Storage & Backup. In this menu, make sure iCloud Backup is turned on.

The iPhone will now be automatically backed up to iCloud whenever the phone has the charger plugged in AND is connected to Wi-Fi.

The iCloud backup will contain all your contacts, calendars, messages, emails and settings as well as photos and applications. Some applications will also back up data such as saved games etc.

The only limit to iCloud backup is the amount of storage space it provides. You get 5 GB of free storage space with iCloud but if you have a lot of photos and video then you may find this is not enough. In this case, you can either buy more storage space for a yearly fee, or you can pick and choose what to backup.

How to buy more storage space on iCloud

To buy more storage space, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Change Storage Plan. You can now select how much additional space you want to add to your iCloud account. Your iTunes account will then be charged and you will be charged every year until you cancel your subscription.

How to choose what data you backup to iCloud

If you do not want to pay for additional iCloud storage, you can choose not to backup certain things in order to reduce the amount of information that needs to be backed up. To do this, go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage. You will now see a list of your iPhone backups. If you have old backups on here, you can delete them to free up some space.

Click on the backup that says This iPhone and you will see a list of all the files that are going to be backed up. You can use the on/off sliders to manually configure which items you want to include in the next backup. This can be used to reduce the size of the backup below 5GB so you do not have to pay for an iCloud upgrade.

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How to update your iPhone 5

Updating OS6 on the iPhone 5

The easiest way of updating the iPhone 5 is to use OTA or Over The Air Updates. To do this, go to Settings > General > Software Update. If there is an update available just click download.

There are a couple of things to remember before installing an iOS update.

  1. First of all, make sure all your information is backed up before doing this. Although problems are rare, if anything goes wrong, you could lose everything off the phone. Take a look at our guide to backing up your phone using iCloud for help with this.
  2. The other thing to remember is to plug your phone into the charger before installing the update. If the battery runs out halfway through, it can cause all sorts of issues.

When the update has finished downloading, click install. The phone will turn off and will take about 10 mins to come back on. When it does, your iPhone will be fully up to date.

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