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Motorola Moto G5 User Manual & Setup Guide

If you need a manual or help with the setup of your Motorola Moto G5, check out our user guide to start using your handset, connect to the internet and more!

  1. Unboxing and assembling your Motorola Moto G5
  2. Set up your phone for the first time
  3. Connecting to Wi-Fi and mobile networks
  4. Find out how to add your email accounts
  5. How to add and import contacts to your Motorola
  6. Using the Play Store to find new apps
  7. Securing your Motorola Moto G5 with a lock screen
  8. How to make phone calls on your Motorola
  9. Send text & picture messages
  10. Sending emails and attachments on your Motorola
  11. How to set alarms on the Motorola Moto G5
  12. Read our tips to learn more about your phone

Click here for Motorola's Moto G5 user manual

Unboxing and assembling your Motorola Moto G5

First of all, let's make sure you have everything you need. Inside the box* you should find:

  • 1 x Motorola Moto G5
  • 1 x mains/microUSB power adaptor
  • 1 x microUSB cable
  • 1 x Documentation pack

*some box contents may vary

The G5 uses a micro-SIM card which should have been given to you at point of sale, unless you're transferring one from your old handset.

If you want to expand the storage space available to you by inserting a microSD (memory) card, you'll need to have that to hand as well.


Remove the back of the Moto G5 by using a fingernail in notch in the bottom edge of the back cover to prise it away from the handset. Carefully pull the cover away from the phone. IF the battery has already been inserted, please remove it.

Motorola Moto G5 insert SIMWith the back cover removed, you will see a small slot at the top of the battery compartment (below the camera lens). This slot houses both the SIM and the microSD cards, with the nanoSIM sliding into the lower section and the microSD slotting in on top of the SIM.

Make sure the metal contacts on both cards are facing downwards, into the inner workings of your smartphone.

When your cards have been carefully slotted in, it's time to insert the battery. You'll see some golden metal contacts on the top of the battery - line these up with the metal contacts found in the battery compartment and make sure the battery is seated properly before putting the back cover back on the G65.

That's all the assembly your G5 will need, so hold down the power button for a couple of seconds until your smartphone turns on.

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Set up your phone for the first time

If this is the first time you've turned on your new Moto G5, it's time to complete the setup wizard! This is a fairly straightforward process which we've documented below to help make things easier to follow.

moto g5 setup 1moto g5 setup 2moto g5 setup 3moto g5 setup 4

  1. Turn your new phone on and you will see the Welcome screen, which will cycle through a variety of languages. Choose your language from the list and tap the yellow get started box to begin..
  2. You will be asked if you want to restore from a backup of a previous Android phone or set this up as a new phone. For this guide, we'll set up as a brand new phone.
  3. You will now be asked to select a Wi-Fi network. From the list of networks displayed on screen, find your network name then tap your finger on it. If you're not near your router and can't set up Wi-Fi, just tap skip to set up later.
  4. Type in your Wi-Fi password in the box provided and press Connect. If you're unsure whether you've entered your password correctly, tick the Show password box to verify what you've typed in.

moto g5 setup 5moto g5 setup 6moto g5 setup 7moto g5 setup 8

  1. The next screen advises how information is used by Motorola, and offers you the chance to view the Privacy settings by tapping the link provided. When you're ready to proceed, tap Accept and continue.
  2. You will then be invited to add your Google account. The Moto G5 runs on Android, and relies on a Google account to give access to download apps, and backup and sync data, and much more. If you don't already have a Google account, you can tap Create a new account and set up a new account for free. To sign in with an existing account, enter your Gmail address and tap Next.
  3. Confirm your Google account password on the next page and tap Next.
  4. When you add a Google account you must agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, both of which you can inspect by tapping the required link. Tap Accept to continue.

moto g5 setup 9moto g5 setup 10moto g5 setup 11moto g5 setup 12

  1. You can now add your name to the phone, in order to personalise it. Type your name into the box and tap Next.
  2. On this next page you will be asked to confirm which Google services you'd like to take advantage of. The first option is whether to Backup and restore your data to your Google account. This is especially helpful if you're upgrading from a previous Android phone and also helps keep your information safe if you should lose your new handset. Scroll down to see the other services options. The second and third sections are about Location services, which help tailor internet searches to match your location, as well as providing feedback for apps which need to know where you are.
  3. You can protect your phone with a lock screen, which stops people from accessing your private information on your smartphone. You can use a PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint to protect your phone. To add your fingerprint you must also add a different lock type for security. Tap Add fingerprint to get started or press Skip to miss these steps out until later.
  4. Decide whether you want a combination of fingerprints and a pattern, a PIN or a password. Patterns are easy to remember but not very secure, passwords can be hard to remember but also very secure. PINs are a nice middle ground between the two. After picking your security type, decide whether you need to enter your unlock code every time you turn the phone on (if you're likely to forget your password, we would advise choosing no, thanks).

moto g5 setup 13moto g5 setup 15moto g5 setup 16moto g5 setup 17

  1. Enter your PIN, password or pattern, then press Continue when you're ready to move on. Finally you'll be asked about improving Android by sending feedback to Google. We recommend leaving all these boxes ticked, but they aren't necessary in order to continue. When you're ready, tap Next.
  2. To make sure you typed the right password in, you'll have to enter it again. Press OK when you want to continue.
  3. Now that your phone is secure, you can start adding a fingerprint. Tap Next to skip through the pages of the fingerprint explanation screens.

moto g5 setup 18moto g5 setup 19moto g5 setup 20moto g5 setup 22

  1. Once you've found the sensor down at the bottom of the phone (below the screen), hold your finger or thumb against it until you feel a vibration. After that, remove and replace your finger until the circle on the screen is complete, then tap Next.
  2. own to see all available backups to restore data from.
  3. You will be asked to sign up for a Moto account so that the manufacturers, Motorola, can send you further information. Tick the box to subscribe to this if you wish, then tap Next.

moto g5 setup 23moto g5 setup 21moto g5 setup 24

You will now be looking at the home screen of your new Moto G5. There is a prompt at the top to show you that you can customise your home screen by touching and holding on the background. Tap Got it to clear this off the screen.

Navigating around the Moto G5

moto G5 setup 25At the very bottom of the screen are three icons. The left-pointing triangle will take you back one step (in whichever app or menu you are in). In the middle, the circle will always bring you back to the Home screen (shown above right) and the square icon on the right allows you to see which apps are running, and close them.

Above the Home icon you will see a white circular icon with six dots on it. This is the Apps icon, and will take you to a list of all the apps that are on your Moto G5.

Check out the other chapters in this guide to get your email accounts set up, learn how to download apps and more!

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Connecting to Wi-Fi and mobile networks

Your Moto G5 is a powerful piece of kit, but if it's not connected to the internet you won't be able to use many of its finer features. If you need help you getting connected to Wi-Fi, or want to make sure the right SIM card settings are being used for data then this chapter of the guide should help you get things moving.

Connect to Wi-Fi

You may well have connected to your Wi-Fi router during the initial set up of your phone, but if you didn't, or wish to connect to a new network, then follow these simple steps to get connected.

  1. Swipe your finger down from the top of the phone screen twice, until you can see the quick settings icons. Find and tap the cog icon to go straight to your phone's settings menu.
  2. In the settings menu, tap the Wi-Fi line.
  3. Check the switch at the top, and if it's off, tap it to turn it on.

moto g5 wifi 1moto g5 wifi 2moto g5 wifi 3moto g5 wifi 4

  1. Local wireless networks should appear on the page. Locate the name of your network in the list and tap on it.
  2. Enter the password into the box provided when prompted. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive, so capitalise letters where necessary. Check your typing by ticking the Show password box, then tap Connect.
  3. If you were successful, the word Connected will appear onscreen underneath the name of the network, and a Wi-Fi symbol will appear on the top line of the display.

Mobile Internet

Motorola Moto X Play Data 4Mobile internet is the G5's data connection through the SIM card. This is indicated by 4G, H, 3G, E or G appearing beside the signal strength indicator, depending on the speed of the connection (as shown left). When we mention checking the data indicator, this is what you should be looking for.

To check and update the settings that connect your handset to mobile internet, from the home screen:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the phone screen and tap on the cog in the top-right corner of the notification bar.
  2. In the main Settings menu, tap More... followed by Mobile Networks.
  3. On the next page, choose Access point names. Access Point Names or APNs are the settings that connect your mobile phone to the internet through the SIM card.

moto g5 internet 1moto g5 internet 2moto g5 internet 3moto g5 internet 4

  1. The active setting will have a blue dot against it. Check this is the correct network, as having the wrong network settings are in your phone means they won't work. If none of them are active, tap the circle on the correct line for your network to activate the setting, then check for a data indicator on the top line of the screen.
  2. If your specific network settings are not shown then you may be able to import them from the SIM card. Tap the menu icon at the top right of the screen (3 dots) then tap Reset to default. You may be asked to pick your network from a list when this completes.
  3. Check the screen again to make sure the correct network is active (with the coloured dot) then check for a data indicator.

If you're still having issues connecting, then you may need to enter the settings manually by tapping the + in the top right-hand corner and completing the on screen form. We have produced a guide to entering APN settings for all the main UK mobile networks to help you, but if you still can't get connected you can always call your mobile network and ask them to send the settings to your phone.

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Find out how to add your email accounts

Your new Motorola Moto G5 can manage multiple POP, IMAP and Exchange email accounts with a minimum of fuss. Follow our guide below to start receiving your emails on your new smartphone!

Gmail Account Setup

We covered setting up a Google account in the initial setup, but if you didn't complete it then you can add one now.

moto g5 accounts 1moto g5 accounts 2moto g5 accounts 3moto g5 accounts 4

  1. Swipe down from the top of the phone screen and tap on the cog icon to view the phone's settings.
  2. Now scroll down to the Personal section and tap Accounts.
  3. You will see a list of all accounts which are already set up on your Moto G5. Tap Add account.
  4. Choose the type of account you want to add - for most email addresses, choose IMAP. for a Google account, tap on Google.

moto g5 accounts 5moto g5 accounts 6moto g5 accounts 7moto g5 accounts 8

  1. Enter your Google email address in the box provided, then tap Next to continue.
  2. Enter your Password into the space provided then tap Next.
  3. You must agree to the Terms of service and Privacy Policy in order to use the Google account on your new handset. Tap on a link to inspect these if you wish, then tap Accept to proceed.
  4. The Google account can be used to back up your apps and settings. If you would prefer that not to happen, untick the box then tap Next.
  5. The newly-added Google account should now show in the Accounts section, and your emails will start to arrive in the Gmail app very shortly.

You can now add further accounts, or check the Gmail app to look at your mail!

Email Account Setup

Most email accounts should set up automatically, but the exact steps required vary depending on the email provider. Our example shows setting up a Yahoo! account, but some screens may be different for other account types.

moto g5 accounts 9moto g5 accounts 10moto g5 accounts 11moto g5 accounts 12

  1. Swipe down from the top of the phone screen and tap on the cog icon to view the phone's settings, then scroll down to the Personal section and tap Accounts.
  2. You will see a list of accounts that are already set up on your Moto G5. To continue, tap Add account.
  3. If you know you have an Exchange email account (often used by employers and education providers) choose that option. For all other account types, tap the correct Personal account type (POP3 or IMAP).
  4. Type your email address in the box provided, then tap Next to try an automatic setup. This works for most email addresses, but if it doesn't we can set up manually by choosing manual setup instead.

moto g5 accounts 13moto g5 accounts 14moto g5 accounts 15moto g5 accounts 16

  1. Enter your password when prompted, and tap Next.
  2. If all goes well and the account sets up, you will be able to alter the account options to choose how often your handset checks for new mail, and other settings applicable to your account. When you are happy with the settings, tap Next.
  3. You will then be asked to give the account a name, and also enter your name which will appear on outgoing emails. Tap Next to finish the setup.
  4. You should now see a line in the Accounts section called Personal which contains your email account settings. Continue adding any other accounts in the same way.

If your account failed to set up automatically, you will be returned to the main email setup page with your email address displayed. In order to add your email account to the Moto G5 you will have to do a Manual Setup. In order to do this, you will need to know the type of account you have (POP3, IMAP or Exchange) and additional, account specific information (shown above right).

This additional information will include the account Username, Password, and also incoming & outgoing mail server settings, all of which will have to be entered onto the onscreen form. If your account is an Exchange account, you will need to know domain and Exchange server information.

We have written a guide to email server settings for most of the popular UK email providers to help you complete these, but if your mail provider is not listed, or your Exchange email account is provided by your company, you may need to contact them directly for detailed assistance.

If you are still having difficulty adding your email account, why don't you check out our support options and give us a call at any time 24/7 on 0800 049 3040.

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How to add and import contacts to your Motorola

moto g4 contacts stretch

We can help you keep all your contacts and data safe when you move to your new Motorola Moto G5 handset. Click the link to read our complete guide to moving your contact information, whether you're switching from another Android phone or even Windows, iPhone or BlackBerry handsets! We'll help you every step of the way, so check out our guide to get all the help you need.

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Using the Play Store to find new apps

play store stretch

The Google Play Store is the one-stop shop for apps, games, books, music and TV for your smartphone. Our guide to the Play Store has all the support you need to browse the store and find just what you're looking for, as well as showing you how to find all the apps and games you've enjoyed in the past, ready to re-download to your new phone. Click the link to find out more!

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Securing your Motorola Moto G5 with a lock screen

Your Moto G5 has a lot of valuable information on it, and will likely be signed into accounts inside various apps to give you quick access to your data. The best way to keep all of this data from prying eyes is to secure your Moto with a PIN or Password. Read on to discover how!

moto g5 lock screen 1moto g5 lock screen 2moto g5 lock screen 3moto g5 lock screen 4

  1. Swipe your finger down from the top of the phone screen twice. This will make your quick settings appear! Now, tap on the white Settings cog, found in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down the settings menu to the Personal section, and tap on Security.
  3. To set up lock screen security, tap Screen lock.
  4. Choose what type of unlock method you'd like to use; Swipe is the default, insecure method, Pattern allows you to draw a pattern on a grid of dots, PIN is a 4-digit numerical code and Password is a longer, more complex security code. The relative strengths of each type of security are indicated onscreen. To proceed, tap your chosen method.

moto g5 lock screen 5moto g5 lock screen 6moto g5 lock screen 7moto g5 lock screen 8

  1. We're entering a 4-digit PIN, but a password is set in much the same manner. Enter your chosen code via the keyboard, then tap Continue (a pattern requires you to set a PIN as a backup!).
  2. Confirm your unlock PIN or Password by entering it again, then tap OK.
  3. You will be asked about Notifications, and showing their content. Hiding content will show that you have a notification, but not the details. Tap your choice then tap Next.
  4. Your new method of securing your lock screen will be displayed. In order to change it, you will need to enter it when you tap on that option.

You can change the time needed for the lock to be activated after the display times out by tapping Secure lock settings and then Lock automatically. If you do change this, remember that although your screen may have gone off, your handset may not be locked securely until a period of time has elapsed.

moto g5 lock screen 9moto g5 lock screen 10moto g5 lock screen 11moto g5 lock screen 12

  1. Now you've set a lock screen method, you can make it even easier by adding a fingerprint. This means you can unlock your phone by holding your finger or thumb against a sensor, without having to type in a password or PIN that others might see. Tap on Fingerprint from the Security menu.
  2. Before you set up a fingerprint you'll be given an advisory message on how you can use this feature. Tap Continue to start the setup.
  3. As this is a secure feature, you'll have to confirm your PIN to continue. This stops unwanted users from adding their own fingerprints when you aren't looking!
  4. After confirming your PIN or password, you'll be shown where the fingerprint sensor is on your phone. Tap Next to skip through each page of the description.

moto g5 lock screen 13moto g5 lock screen 14moto g5 lock screen 15moto g5 lock screen 16

  1. Press your finger or thumb against the sensor as instructed, then remove and replace your finger until the circle is complete.
  2. Your fingerprint is now added, you can add another if you like (this means you can unlock your phone with more than just one finger) or tap Next to finish the fingerprint setup wizard.
  3. Once you've read the confirmation message, tap Got it to confirm and complete.

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How to make phone calls on your Moto g5

Making a phone call is one of the most important functions of any smartphone, but it's easy to get distracted with everything else your G5 is capable of! Find out how to make and receive calls on your new handset with these short steps.

moto g5 calls 1moto g5 calls 4moto g5 calls 2moto g5 calls 3

  1. The phone app will open to the Speed Dial screen, which provides buttons to dial your favourite contacts quickly and easily. To mark a contact as a favourite, tap the star when you have that contact's details open.
  2. If you prefer, you can search your contacts directly from the Phone app by tapping Contacts at the top. Whenever you have the contact you'd like to call on screen, tap the phone icon on their contact and the G5 will dial them!
  3. To use the phone dialler keypad, tap the blue keypad icon at the bottom of the screen (which has 10 dots representing the phone digits on it). Enter the number, then tap the green phone icon to make the call.
  4. The keypad can also be used to spell out the name of a contact. Use the numbers which correspond to the letters shown to spell the name (in our example we're spelling out Ben by tapping "236") and the G5 will find them in your contact list, just tap their name to call them! If you know more than one person with the name you're searching, you'll need to tap the correct contact from the suggestions.

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Send text & picture messages

With so many ways of getting in touch with people, it's easy to forget that texts are a big part of any smartphone. To find out how to send text and picture messages from your Moto G5, check out the following steps.

Find and tap the Messaging app from your home screen. The icon is a pair of speech bubbles - one blue, one white. If you have unread messages, you will see a red badge in the corner.

moto g5 texts 2moto g5 texts 2moto g5 texts 3moto g5 texts 4moto g5 texts 5

  1. To compose a new message, tap on the compose button (which is a white + in a blue circle) at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Now you're looking at a blank text message. Pick the recipient by tapping in the Enter recipient box.
  3. You can enter a mobile number directly using the numeric keyboard, or you can start to type a contact's name. If you're entering text, matching contacts will appear below as you type. Tap on the contact you're trying to text to select them as the recipient. You can add further recipients if you wish to send the same message to multiple people.
  4. Now you've chosen who you're messaging, it's time to type out what you want to say. Tap into the Enter message box and using the keyboard, type your message. To send it, tap the Send icon to the right of the text entry box, which is a white arrowhead in a blue circle.

Add an Attachment to Send a Picture Message

Sending a Multimedia message may result in charges on your mobile phone bill - check with your mobile network about costs.

moto g5 texts 5moto g5 texts 6moto g5 texts 7moto g5 texts 8

  1. If you want to add an attachment, such as a picture, video or sound recording, tap the plus sign to the left of the text box.
  2. Icons across the bottom of the screen will allow you to various things to your message. You could take a new picture, attach an image from you gallery, record a sound clip or more. Tap an icon to attach that type of file, and first time you tap each icon you will be asked to allow the messenger app to access these files. Tap Allow on the request to do so.
  3. Navigate through the files on your phone to locate the item you wish to attach, tap to select it, then tap Done.
  4. Once you've attached your item, it will display in the body of the message, allowing you to add further text before you send it by tapping the Send button.

How to Delete a Message Thread

moto G5 messages 9If you'd like to delete a thread of messages from your handset, open the Messaging app and locate the thread you'd like to delete by finding the other person's name in the message list.

Touch and hold on their name, and a tick will appear beside it. When you see this, look in the top right-hand corner of the screen and tap the bin icon to delete the thread.

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Sending emails and attachments on your Moto

If you've set up your email account you're probably already receiving emails on your Motorola, but you may be wondering how to send emails and attachments to other people. Find out how with these short and helpful steps!

To send an email, you must have already set up an email account on your G5. If you haven't added your account yet, please check our chapter on adding an email account for more information.

moto G5 attach 1moto G5 attach 2moto G5 attach 3moto G5 attach 4

  1. Find and open the Gmail app on your smartphone, which can be found in the Google folder on your home screen. When you can see your email inbox, tap the compose button. This is a red circle with a pen on it, and is found in the bottom-right corner of the email inbox screen.
  2. New emails will always send from your default email account (which is usually the first one you've added). If you have more than one account on your G5 and wish to send it from a different account, tap the down arrow at the right of the From line and change the email address you're sending from.
  3. Tap into the To line to select the intended recipient. Type their name using the keyboard, and any matching contacts will appear. Tap on the correct contact to add them to the recipient list.
  4. You can add further recipients, send copies to yourself or others, and also enter a Subject for your email by tapping into the respective fields and entering the information. Once you've entered all the information in the header, scroll down if necessary and tap Compose email.
  5. Compose your email, and tap the arrowhead on the menu bar at the top of the screen to send it.

Add an Attachment to your Email

moto G5 attach 5moto G5 attach 6moto G5 attach 7moto G5 attach 8

  1. To add an attachment, tap the paper clip on the title bar. When the menu opens, tap Attach file.
  2. Navigate through the files and folders on your phone or your Google Drive storage to find there the item you wish to attach is stored.
  3. When you've found the correct location, tap the item to attach it to your email.
  4. Add further attachments if you wish, and compose your message. To send, tap the arrowhead.

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How to set alarms on the Motorola Moto G5

Setting an alarm is a popular occurrence on most phones, as you tend to always have it with you, turned on and telling the correct time. Read on to find out how to set an alarm on your G5.


If you have a question about your phone and can't find the answer here, why not post a comment at the bottom of the page and share it with us!

The Alarm is found in the Clock app of your Motorola. You can access it by tapping Apps then clock.

moto G5 alarms 1moto G5 alarms 2moto G5 alarms 3moto G5 alarms 4

  1. The buttons across the top of the app allow you to select Alarms, World Clock, Stopwatch and Timer functions. Tap the alarm clock to set an alarm.
  2. You will now see all the alarms that are currently programmed, along with switches to activate them. To edit an existing alarm, tap the time it is set to go off. To set a new alarm, tap the red circle with the + sign in the bottom of the screen.
  3. On the alarm setting screen, you can set the time of the alarm by dragging the red circle around the clock face to the hour you'd like. The outer ring is for AM hours and the inner ring is for PM. Once you've picked an hour, it's time to repeat the process for the minutes.
  4. With the time set, so is the alarm. Before you close the app, there are other options you may wish to change.

moto G5 alarms 5moto G5 alarms 6moto G5 alarms 7moto G5 alarms 8

  1. Repeat allows you to set one alarm, and have it sound on different days - great if you get up at a regular time during the week but like a lie-in at weekends, for example. Tick the repeat box which will highlight all seven days, then tap the ones you don't want the alarm to sound on to deselect them.
  2. Tap to choose the ringtone you'd like to set on this alarm. Each alarm can have its own ringtone to suit the time of day it goes off. You can also choose whether to have the G5 vibrate with this alarm.
  3. Giving the alarm a custom Label will help you manage your set alarms easier - no more wondering why you've set a particular one!
  4. When an alarm is set, its switch is red. A grey switch means that the alarm in question won't sound. Tapping the switches will allow you to turn them on or off as you choose.
  5. To delete an alarm, tap the down arrow beneath it then tap the bin icon.

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Read our tips to learn more about your phone

Now you've set up the basics on your Motorola Moto G5, let's finish off this Quick Start guide by giving you a few tips to help you get the most out of your new phone.


If you have a question about your phone and can't find the answer here, why not post a comment at the bottom of the page and share it with us!

OK Google

moto g3 tips ok googleGoogle Now is a card-based virtual assistant, an app which will help you search the internet as well as plan your day, reply to messages and much more. It works with Android and iOS, and is especially well-integrated in to the G5 and its home screen.

To access Google Now from your home screen, simply say the words "OK, Google" to make your phone start paying attention to you. Once you've enticed it, you can start making requests. Ask it a question, tell it to reply to a message or even set a calendar event for yourself!

The more you use the Google Now voice service, the better it will understand your dialect so keep using it to get better results! There are plenty of commands you can use, so push the boundaries and see what Google Now can assist you with. If you'd like a helping hand, check out this short guide on Google's website for some ideas on commands you can use.

Moto Assist

Moto Assist is another type of assistant. Instead of dealing with your requests, this one stops you from being bothered unnecessarily! It uses a combination of your location, the time, and other bits of information to get an idea of what you might be doing, and whether your phone going off is going to cause a problem.

moto g3 tips moto 1

  1. From your Apps list, find the Moto Assist icon and tap on it.
  2. You will be greeted by a welcome screen. Tap on the arrow to move on to the next page.
  3. Now you will get an idea of some of the tasks Moto Assist is capable of. Tap next to continue.
  4. Next up is privacy. Moto Assist works better when it knows your schedule as well as who your most frequent contacts are, so you will need to press yes, I'm in to allow it.
  5. More privacy permissions, this time it's to allow Moto Assist to send information back to Motorola for better data processing. Simply put, it will work better if it has more more time and information to work with. Tap yes, I'm in to continue.

moto g3 tips moto 2

  1. As Moto Assist saves information from your Google account you use on your phone, you must once again grant some privacy permissions. This time it lets Moto Assist read your Google profile for basic information like your name and so on.
  2. Now you've waded through the privacy information it's time to use the assistant. There are three options, Assist, Actions and Display. Tap on Assist to find out more.
  3. Assist uses your location to trigger certain events, like when you're at home and it's past 10pm it can turn off your notifications and put your phone in silent mode to make it easier to sleep.

moto g3 tips moto 3

  1. Actions is the next choice down, and gives you physical shortcuts to your torch and camera apps. When Moto Assist has been turned on, performing a "double karate chop" activates your torch, and a quick twist of your wrist back and forth will open your camera!
  2. Display helps you manage your notifications, blocking apps which bother you or editing the amount of information a displayed in a notification. Perfect for keeping an element of privacy about you!

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