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Nokia Lumia 920 expert review

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a strong and tough smartphone with Windows Phone 8 features and great Nokia software, like the new Nokia City Lens feature that lets you see what restaurants and amenities are near you. Debbie Close gives us her expert opinion on Nokia's flagship phone.

Nokia Lumia 920 expert review

Microsoft and Nokia have teamed up again to bring you the Nokia Lumia 920 and its younger sibling the 820. Powered by the new Windows Phone 8 Operating System and Nokia’s amazing hardware, the Lumia range should deliver great things. I’ve got my hands on the 920 to give you the low down.

Nokia Lumia 920 pros

  • If you’re freezing your mitts off, don’t worry as you can use the Lumia 920 with gloves on.
  • Impressive specification with a robust, premium feel.
  • 4G

Nokia Lumia 920 cons

  • Weighing in the same as a can of tuna, it does feel on the heavy side.
  • Fewer apps in comparison to Android and iOS
  • The battery life is average and you may find it waning come tea time

Nokia Lumia 920 design

The Lumia 920 is huge. Not Samsung Galaxy Note 2 huge, but it feels very bulky and heavy. It comes in at 185g which is actually heavier than the Note 2 at 183g, Samsung Galaxy S3 at 133g or the HTC 8X at 130g. However, I did get used to the bulk after a while and it does feel very robust and smooth. With a 4.5” PureMotion HD+ display it looks very impressive with rich colours and deep blacks. A great thing about this screen is that you can keep your gloves on to use it instead of losing your fingers to frostbite in order to operate your smartphone this winter. They have moved the headphone jack from the top corner to the middle. Some may not care at all about this, but I have rather small pockets in my jeans (I can’t be the only one), and I have to fit the handset in sideways, which means the headphones won’t fit if the phone is in my pocket.

Nokia Lumia 920 hardware

Windows Phone 8 now has multicore processor support, which means the hardware can pack more punch. You may think it isn’t punching that hard with a 1.5GHz dual core processor, but the Windows Phone 8 Operating System doesn’t need an all-singing and dancing processor. I found the phone speedy when flicking around apps and playing games to be top notch.

In Nokia tradition the camera has a Carl Zeiss lens and is 8.7 Megapixels with PureView technology, which basically means you get bright, blur-free photos in any light conditions. I found my night photos came up pretty well for snapshots captured on a phone. A new feature of the Lumia range is the wireless charging. You can purchase a wireless charging plate and then all you have to do to power your phone is balance it on top, although I find it a bit of a gimmick and have no qualms with plugging in a micro USB charger.

Nokia Lumia 920 software

If you already have a Windows Phone, the software will be familiar to you. Windows Phone 8 brings a few new features including resizing your live tiles. You can have a tiny little tile which is just a shortcut to the app, a middle size tile giving you small tit bits of info, or whopping big ones that fill the width of the screen giving you a lot more information such as all your latest appointments in your calendar.

You can move all these tiles around so you can bring what’s most important to you to the front of your phone. If you have children around who like to pick up and play with your phone, you will love Kids Corner. This lets you set up a screen just for them which only has the apps that you want them to play with. Windows Phone 8 is so easy to use; I think it’s a great way to ease into smartphones or if you just want something a bit simpler. It also has Microsoft Office so you can take your work with you if you want, and Nokia’s amazing exclusive apps like Nokia Drive, Nokia City Lens and more. Nokia Music is a firm favourite, as you get to stream music for free with their Mix Radio playlists.

Nokia Lumia 920 Agent verdict

For me personally I’d opt for it's little brother the Nokia Lumia 820, which fits more snugly in the hand, but this is a powerful smartphone with a premium feel. It boasts some great features so for me it comes in at 4/5.

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