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Reviveaphone Splash water-resistant spray Expert Review

Water damage is the second-biggest cause of broken smartphones – with 33% of handsets damaged by rain, spillages or being dropped into water.

One solution is to put your handset in a waterproof case, but they're bulky and often reduce the usability of your phone.

Another way is to use Splash, a spray-on coating from Reviveaphone that claims to make your device water-resistant for 12 months. Sounds great – but how well does it work? Let’s find out.

What is Splash?

splash spray kit 4_3
The full Splash kit

In the kit, you get a small spray bottle of “nano solution”, a nice little Splash-branded cleaning cloth and a plastic scraper for removing the excess solution from your phone once it’s dry. Splash can be used on any smartphone, but it's not recommended for use on phones with a physical keyboard – so you Blackberry users may have to look elsewhere.Splash uses “advanced nano technology” to create a water-resistant coating, which stops water getting into your smartphone and damaging the delicate components inside. The coating is 1,000 times thinner than a human hair, so it shouldn’t affect the usability of your phone at all.

The manufacturer claims it can be applied in just 10 minutes, so we applied it to one of the handsets in the office to see how we got on.

Application Process

splash spraying 4_3
Splash protects your phone's delicate nooks and crannies

Rather than completely covering your entire phone in the Splash solution, you are meant to spray it directly on to the device's buttons and openings. You do this three times, and allow 5 minutes for it to dry. As mentioned, the kit comes with a little plastic scraper for removing the excess once it is dry.

If your handset has a removable back and battery, you also need to open it up and spray the back of the phone and battery contacts.

Finally, you spray a little more of the solution onto the cleaning cloth and give the handset a firm buffing, repeating the process until all the excess solution is removed from the phone. Take a look at the instructional video for a more detailed look at the application process:

I applied the Splash solution to a Huawei Ascend P1, and the process was quick and easy. However, I did have an issue withthe amount of solution in the bottle. The little bottle was only about half-full, and there wasn’t quite enough. I managed to cover all the ports and the battery compartment, but there wasn’t enough left to carry out the final step: spraying the cloth and buffing the phone. If your phone doesn’t have a removable back or battery, however, then you shouldn’t have any trouble.


splash spray pour 4_3
Our Agents really enjoyed pouring water over this poor Huawei P1

Splash only claims to be water-resistant, rather than completely waterproof. That means it can protect your phone from splashes, spillages and rain, but it could still be damaged if it's submerged.

In order to put these claims to the test, I poured a glass of water directly over the phone, making sure to soak the earpiece, volume and power buttons. I even did it a few times just to make sure. And the result? The phone came out completely unscathed. All the buttons worked as normal and there was no damage to the screen or the earpiece.

The coating is supposed to last for at least 12 months, but obviously this isn’t something I was able to test. However, all the other claims seem to stand up – so I have no reason to doubt what the manufacturer says.

splash drip 267


Overall, I’m very impressed with the Splash water-resistant coating. It's quick and easy to apply and seems to do exactly what it claims to, i.e. keep your smartphone safe from splashes and spillages.

The only downside for me was the small amount of solution in the bottle. I had just enough to protect the Huawei P1, but it would have been nice if there were enough left over to allow for a second application in 12 months.

Having said that, £14.99 every 12 months is a very reasonable price to pay if it keeps your £600+ smartphone safe from liquids. Obviously, I can't guarantee that it'll definitely protect your phone should you have an accident, but from my experience with Splash I would give it a big thumbs up.

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