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Nokia Lumia 820 setup guide and learning series

If you have a Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone, this handy setup guide will help you get all your contacts, details and content onto your mobile, and help you get started using its features. Part of our smartphone learning series, the Nokia Lumia 820 setup guide will also be helpful for Windows Phone 8 users with a different handset, as the Operating System is the same.


How to setup your details on the Nokia Lumia 820

Congratulations on your new Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone! Need to know how to set it up and get started with your contacts, apps, maps and games? Here's the first step - setting up your details on the Lumia 820. There are a few customisation options to go through, but once you've set your preferences your phone will remember them. Let's get started.


How to setup Wi-Fi internet on the Nokia Lumia 820

Here's how to connect your Nokia Lumia 820 to a Wi-Fi network, for fast, secure internet access. Remember, if you have any problems getting your Windows 8 smartphone to connect to the internet, Geek Squad Agents are available to help 24/7.


How to use voice commands on the Nokia Lumia 820

You can use voice controls on the Nokia Lumia 820 to perform lots of tasks, like constructing text messages and performing a web search. It's easier than typing lots of commands into your smartphone! Here's how to use voice controls on the Nokia Lumia 820 Windows 8 smartphone.


How to use Nokia City Lens on the Lumia 820

Nokia City Lens is a new feature for Nokia Windows 8 smartphones that lets you find local places of interest by adding an augmented reality layer to your viewfinder, with information about restaurants, venues, tourist attractions and more. Nokia City Lens could come in very handy when exploring your surroundings. Here's how to use it.


How to use Nokia Drive on the Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Drive is a free GPS satellite navigation app that lets you use your smartphone to navigate to places across the world. You can download maps for use in offline mode and even use Nokia Drive when abroad without data.