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Samsung Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini User Guide and Learning Series

Let Agents King and Nayler help you master all the features of your Samsung Galaxy S3 smart phone with our user guide and learning series.

S3 Test

1. Unboxing your Samsung Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini

Congrats on your shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3. You've got one of the fastest, prettiest, most impressive Android-powered smartphones right there in your hand. So, let's get it out of the box.

S3  Pop up video  4_3

12. How to add widgets to your Galaxy S3 and S3 Mini

Wouldn't it be nice to access your favourite features faster? Add some handy little widgets to your Galaxy S3's homescreen, and you'll be darting between apps faster than a Geek Squad Agent fits an InvisiSHIELD.

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