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What is Project Volta?

Battery life is one of the biggest concerns among smartphone users, with the majority of us struggling to get more than a full day's usage out of our devices. Google hope to change this with Project Volta, a new feature of Android Lollipop aimed at boosting battery life.

Android Lollipop brings with it a lot of new features and functions, and Google's new Nexus 6 sports a fantastic, but huge, 5.9" display. But whilst these may be exciting developments, they're going to use up more battery life - so we need a solution. This is where Project Volta steps in.

What is project volta?

Google Nexus 6 will feature volta
The Nexus 6 will show off Project Volta.
Image by Google

The aim of this project is improve the battery life on our Android devices by tweaking and enhancing the underlying Android Lollipop system. Through tests performed by Google, it found that just one second of use can reduce the overall standby time by up to two minutes! This is an awfully tricky thing to solve, particularly as our phones are constantly getting more powerful; featuring larger screens; and being used more and more for everything from downloads to browsing online.

So instead of strapping an enormous battery pack to the back or making the devices huge in order to accommodate much bigger batteries, Google has looked to optimise the Android Lollipop OS, so that our devices last longer - and hopefully any updated Android phone will see the benefit. Let's take a closer look.

improving android battery life?

Project Volta introduces a variety of different methods for saving battery life. The first is something called JobScheduler, which will keep a log of all the smaller unimportant tasks your phone needs to do and save them until a more convenient and battery-friendly time, such as when you plug in your phone to charge. This should mean that you can use the phone for longer during the day without your battery mysteriously going down when you're not using it.

Can Project Volta really help with batteries?
Will we ever be free from the tyranny of batteries?!

Project Volta also includes a new app called Battery Historian which will allow you to dig deep into what exactly has been using up your battery power, so that you can pin down the most power-hungry apps. In addition to this, there's also a new Power Saver mode included that will reduce power consumption by reducing the speed your processor runs at, reducing animations and other such fancy-but-not-completely-necessary features, as well turning off email checking, update checking and more. This will leave you with just the core but most necessary features, and keep your phone going when it gets down to the last drops of battery juice.

Like Project Butter before it, the aim is to improve the overall Android user experience. Project Volta works in unison with all the other additional software tweaks that come with Android Lollipop to hopefully give you much better battery life. The Nexus 6 will be the first phone to feature Android Lollipop, so we should know quite soon how well Project Volta affects the battery of our devices!

What's your take on Project Volta? Are you longing for some improvements to make your smartphone last longer than a day? Let us know in the comments!

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