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The Week in Geek: 14th February 2016

From a bumper crop of new movie trailers to a phenomenally important new discovery in physics – not to mention the return of Harry Potter – it's been an unusually eventful week. As usual, Agent Hall is here to tell you all about it in this week's Week in Geek!

by Agent Hall

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To boldly go: SpaceX and the future of space exploration

Mankind has been exploring space since the 1950s – but until very recently, only national governments had the money, resources and technology to make space flight a reality. But Elon Musk’s SpaceX program has changed everything...

by Agent McAdam

AndroidDeviceManager  List

What is Android Device Manager?

If you've lost your Android phone, don't give up hope! Google's Android Device Manager service can help you track it down again – and Agent Cruickshank will show you exactly how.

by Agent Cruickshank

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Can't play video in your Samsung Galaxy gallery?

Recently, some Samsung Galaxy smartphones have received a "Can't play video" message – and if you've fallen foul of this frustrating error, help is at hand! Agent Cruickshank shares a few fixes to get your gallery videos working again.

by Agent Cruickshank

Sony Xperia M5 user guide list

Sony Xperia M5 User Manual & Setup Guide

Find out how to get your new Sony Xperia M5 up and running. From inserting the SIM to downloading your favourite game, we're here to help!

by Agent Plummer

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Smart clothing: taking wearables beyond the watch

From switched-on bras to Wi-Fi onesies, the cutting edge of wearable tech goes far beyond the humble smartwatch – and Geek Squad's resident wearables expert Agent Watson is here with her pick of the weirdest and most wonderful devices!

by Agent Watson

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Best Android Games: February 2016

It's February, the month of Valentine's day – and if you're in the mood for love, then unfortunately you're out of luck. But if you're in the mood for some excellent games for your Android phone or tablet, you've come to exactly the right place!

by Agent Cruickshank

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Will Error 53 affect my iPhone?

A potentially fatal error has been affecting iPhones recently – but what exactly is the deadly Error 53, and how can you avoid it? Agent Lee has all you need to know.

by Agent Lee

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The Week in Geek: 7th February 2016

Agent Hall is here with your weekly round-up of the latest news from the world of science, technology and geeky entertainment – and from the latest devices from Samsung and Apple to the latest in nuclear fusion, we have some fascinating stories for you this week!

by Agent Hall