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Medion Life E5001 4_3

Medion Life E5001 User Manual & Setup Guide

Setting up your Medion E5001 is easy with the right instructions – so let us help you get started with our tips and steps to adding email and contacts, browsing the internet and more.

by Agent Cruickshank

apple logo sparkly

Best iPhone and iPad apps: July 2016

In this month's selection of the App Store's highlights, we've got some tools to help you relax, get to places and appointments on time, and even explore some new sights in the city! As usual, that's just the start – read on to find out more.

by Agent Plummer

Google Home list 4_3

What is Google Home?

Google's Home hub is the Mountain View giant's first foray into the 'Internet of Things'. Is it worth getting excited about? Our Agents find out!

by Agent Cooper

nougat logo 4_3

Meet Android Nougat

This month, Google revealed that the next version of Android will be known as ‘Nougat’ – and it's going to be the biggest update to the popular mobile OS in years. Agent Cooper details the exciting new features coming to your Android device.

by Agent Cooper

WIG List Image

The Week in Geek: 22nd July 2016

We've got another fascinating selection of stories in this week's Week in Geek – from an emoji keyboard that can read your mind (or at least your texts) to a pair of high-tech socks that render shoes obsolete! There's all this and more inside – so grab your favourite drink and get cracking.

by Agents Clayton, Cooper and Cruickshank

iOS Homescreen  CC  Flikr  4_3

Hands on with iOS 10

iOS 10 is shaping up to be the biggest update to Apple's OS in years – and while it's still a couple of months away from general release, we've been going hands-on with a preview version. Agent Lee runs through the exciting new features coming to your iPhone!

by Agents Lee and Lawton

Photojojo telephoto  4_3

The best mobile phone camera accessories

These days, the smartphone has well and truly replaced the standalone camera as our favourite way of snapping pictures – but for the very best results, you'll need to accessorise! From clip-on zoom lenses to the notorious selfie stick, there are all kinds of ways to improve your smartphone's camera – and today, Agent Plummer shares the very best.

by Agent Plummer

January Mac games  LIST

Top Free Mac Games

Every month, Agent Clayton picks out the very best free Mac games, and he's got some blinders for June 2016. There's crash-tastic driving action, a twitchy skill-based shooter and one of the best chess adaptations we've ever seen – check them out today!

by Agents Clayton and Cruickshank