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Waterproof phones: what are 'IP Ratings' and what do they mean?

In recent years, one of the big trends in smartphone design has been waterproofing, with flagship devices from Sony, Samsung and Apple all carrying something called an ‘IP rating’. But what exactly does this mean – and what are the limits of the technology?

by Agent Cooper

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The Week in Geek: 30th September 2016

In this week's news round-up, our Agents investigate some significant changes to iPlayer, the triumphant return of the ZX Spectrum and an incredible new wearable from the makers of Snapchat. There's all this, and more, inside this week's Week in Geek!

by Agents Clayton and Cooper

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Best iPhone and iPad apps: September 2016

For September's selection of the very best iOS apps, we've got an incredibly useful translation tool, an elegant and creative painting app and some gorgeous photo filters to wow your friends and liven up your Facebook feed!

by Agent Cooper

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Best Android apps: September 2016

In this month's pick of the best Android apps, we've got some gorgeous animated wallpapers to bring character to your phone, a crucial tool for freeing up storage space and an alarm that's guaranteed to get you out of bed – at all costs!

by Agent Cruickshank

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The best apps and tools for learning languages

Learning a new language can expand your mind, broaden your horizons and come in very handy on holiday – and thanks to modern technology, you can some fantastic guidance for free! Agent Thomson runs through his pick of the very best apps and tools.

by Agent Thomson

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Hands on with PlayStation Now

Sony's ambitious game-streaming service, PlayStation Now, recently made its debut on PC, opening up a world of console gaming fun to anyone with an internet connection. But how does the service really stack up? We asked Agent Wort to put it through its paces – here's how he got on.

by Agent Wort

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The Week in Geek: 23rd September 2016

In this week's crucial round-up, our Agents discuss a nasty timebomb buried in HP printers, the return of Jumanji and even a new device that can detect your emotions over Wi-Fi! Find out about all this and more in this week's Week in Geek.

by Agents Clayton, Cooper, Lee and Cruickshank

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Don't fall for these five Facebook scams

Here at Geek Squad, we love Facebook – but we hate getting scammed. Unfortunately, there are some pretty nasty swindles doing the rounds at the minute, but our Agents are on hand to help you stay safe!

by Agents Cooper and Lee