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LG K8 2017 4_3 1

LG K8 (2017) User Manual & Setup Guide

Setting up the new LG K8? Help is at hand! Everything you need to start using your K8 is all here in the Geek Squad User Guide.

by Agent Cruickshank

Facebook eye  LIST

Don't fall for these five Facebook scams

Here at Geek Squad, we love Facebook – but we hate getting scammed. Unfortunately, there are some pretty nasty swindles doing the rounds at the minute, but our Agents are on hand to help you stay safe!

by Agents Cooper and Lee

apple store 5th ave 4_3

What to expect from your next iPhone

With Apple's WWDC conference behind us and the new iPhone 8 release date approaching, we take a look at the forthcoming iOS 11 – and find out just what to expect from your next iPhone when it's launched later this year.

by Agent Cruickshank

January Mac games  LIST

Top Free Mac Games

This month, you can find your keys, fend off monstrous slug brides, and battle to the death in a tiny arena – all in a day's work for our Agents in their pick of June's best free Mac games!

by Agents Clayton and Cruickshank

windows 10 win10 4_3

How to customise Ease of Access settings in Windows 10

Windows 10 is packed with features to improve accessibility for users with visual, audible or physical impairments – and in this guide you'll discover all of the options, whatever your specific needs.

by Agent Cruickshank

Sony Xperia L1 4_3 1

Sony Xperia L1 User Manual & Setup Guide

Need help setting up your Sony Xperia L1? Check out our manual to get started using your phone, from connecting to the internet to transferring your contacts and more!

by Agent Cruickshank

android holiday beach 4_3

How to make your holiday amazing with your Android device

If you're jetting off on holiday, you'll definitely want to check out Agent Cruickshank's crucial guide. From keeping track of reservations and references to finding that perfect restaurant, these remarkably useful apps will make your time in the sun that much better!

by Agent Cruickshank

gif 4_3

The best apps and tools for GIF lovers

This June marks the 30 year anniversary of the much-loved GIF, and what better way to celebrate than to share our favourite GIF-making and GIF-sharing apps!

by Agent Cruickshank

Email  LIST

Geek Squad's guide to email server settings

Having trouble getting your email set up on your mobile, tablet or PC? Never worry – Agent Thomson has put together all the info you need for every major UK email provider! With server settings, port numbers and more, you're sure to find what you need.

by Agent Thomson

windows 10 win10 4_3

How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft's new browser, Edge, promises a number of improvements over the much-maligned Internet Explorer – but when it comes to search, you're still stuck with Bing by default. On the off-chance that you'd like a different search engine in your browser, Geek Squad is at hand to show you how!

by Agent Cruickshank