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LG X Screen

LG X Screen User Manual & Setup Guide

Setting up your LG X Screen is easy with the right instructions, so let us help you get started with our tips and steps to adding email and contacts, browsing the internet and more

by Agent Cruickshank

Smashed iphone  4_3

The surprising things you can do with an old mobile

Have you recently swapped your old phone for a brand-new one? Or perhaps, like many of us here at Geek Squad, you've got a drawer full of outdated smartphones gathering dust! Well, now's the time to brush them off – as we reveal the surprising things you can do with your old mobile.

by Agent McAdam

Facebook eye  LIST

Geek Squad's Facebook privacy settings guide

Facebook is the world's most popular social network, but keeping your personal info safe can be a challenge! That's why Agent Mark Lee has put together a simple guide to help you do just that – so if you've not checked on your privacy settings for a while, take a look today.

by Agent Lee

WIG List Image

The Week in Geek: 22nd May 2016

We've got another fascinating crop of stories for you in this week's round-up, from the latest news from the International Space Station to the bizarre announcement of a movie based on Tetris! But as usual, that's just the start – so grab your favourite drink and join us for the Week in Geek.

by Agent Hall

Is the internet dumbing us down?

Our Agents ask themselves if Google and other search engines are making us less intelligent, and discuss their favourite search engine tips and tricks.

by Agents Lee, Cruickshank and Lawton

January Mac games  LIST

Top Free Mac Games

Whatever you're into, we've got a great selection of games to help while away the hours with your Mac. Thrilling car chases, tricky puzzles and gorgeous space exploration – all this and more awaits you in Agent Clayton's pick of the best Mac games this May!

by Agents Clayton and Cruickshank

vivaldi logo 4_3

Meet Vivaldi: Opera's Chrome-killing web browser

For years, the PC browser market has been dominated by Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer – but niche developers Opera hope to shake things up with Vivaldi, a high-profile new option with some striking new features. Will you soon be singing its praises? Agent Strevens finds out!

by Agent Strevens

android logo lines 4_3

Best Android apps: May 2016

In this month's selection of the very best Android apps, Agent Cruickshank brings you the most accurate weather app we've ever seen, a GIF keyboard that'll have your friends rolling with laughter – and even a fantastic selection of recipes!

by Agent Cruickshank

android pay 4_3

What is Android Pay?

Smartphones are taking over your wallet in more ways than one – and with Android Pay set to hit these shores this week, Geek Squad's Agent Cruickshank takes a look at what you can expect from Google's long-awaited mobile payment system.

by Agent Cruickshank

Samsung J3 2016 4_3

Samsung J3 (2016) User Manual & Setup Guide

Setting up the new Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)? Help is at hand! Everything you need to start using your Galaxy J3 is all here in the Geek Squad User Guide.

by Agent Cruickshank