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exam hall 4_3

The five best apps for exam revision

Okay, so there's nothing too exciting about revising for your exams – but this selection of apps might just help you swing a better grade! So if you or someone you care about is facing up to GCSEs, A levels or Highers, check out our selections for a little technological help.

by Agents Lee and Cruickshank

Sony Xperia XA1 4_3 1

Sony Xperia XA1 User Manual & Setup Guide

Get help setting up your Xperia XA1 with our handy guide where we explain where the SIM goes, how to receive email, download apps and more!

by Agent Cruickshank

ransomware locked laptop

How to defend yourself from 'ransomware'

The recent ransomware attack almost brought the NHS to its knees – but it's not just large organisations that are at risk. Here's how to protect yourself!

by Agent Cruickshank

Festival  crowd  4_3

Geek Squad's festival smartphone survival guide

These days, a smartphone is a festival must-have – and when it comes to surviving the long weekend with your phone, wallet and sanity intact, you'll find no better guide than this! From tips on saving the battery to a host of crucial apps, we've got everything you need right here.

by Agents Lee and Cruickshank

esafety list 4_3

e Safety Facts & Tips

In our connected world, it's more important than ever to keep yourself (and your kids) safe online – and with that in mind, we've put together this comprehensive e-safety guide. Read on for tips on creating safe passwords, avoiding Facebook scams, dealing with viruses and more!

by Agents Cooper and Cruickshank

STK hero x 4_3 2

STK Hero X User Manual & Setup Guide

Want to use your new STK Hero X and need help getting started? Check out our guide to help you set up the basics and learn the essentials of your smartphone.

by Agent Cruickshank

windows 10 win10 4_3

How to set up file sharing on Windows 10

Sharing files and folders between different PCs doesn't have to be complicated, and Windows 10 features a number of tools to make it easy. Follow Agent Thomson's guide, and you'll be connected in no time.

by Agents Plummer and Thomson

Facebook eye  LIST

How to backup and delete your Facebook account

Facebook don't make it easy to remove your personal data from their social network – but we'll show you how to take everything down, while still keeping a backup of your conversations, photos and more.

by Agent Cruickshank

iPhone 4 home screen  Flickr  CC  4_3

Why won't my iPhone sync with iTunes?

Having trouble connecting your iPhone to iTunes? Geek Squad is here to help! Just follow our Agent's comprehensive guide to banish all your iOS syncing issues for good.

by Agents Cruickshank and Thomson

fireball explosion 4_3

Best gadgets to survive the collapse of civilisation

From The Walking Dead to The Hunger Games, we're fascinated by stories of what comes next when society collapses – so we've put together this little roundup of everything you'll need if the worst should happen (or if you're going camping).

by Agent Cruickshank