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Mobile phone repairs Manufacturer approved phone repairs and replacements

With over 30,000 mobile phone repairs every month, our outstanding repairs service offers

  • No-obligation quotes for repairs and servicing
  • A 90-day guarantee on all repairs
  • Repairs that are tested to manufacturer standards
  • Genuine parts and manufacturer-approved replacement phones
  • Free repairs for phones under warranty, provided the fault is covered

At Geek Squad, we pride ourselves on being a certified repair service. This means that phone manufacturers have recognised the high standard of our repairs, – and unlike high street repairs services, our work will not void your warranty.

Geek Squad only carries out repairs and replacements on phones where for which we have manufacturer accreditation. This means that you can trust our service, – wherever you bought your phone from.

Simply pop into your nearest Carphone Warehouse store for a no-obligation repairs quote. Because we’re committed to offering an accurate quote for your specific repair, we can’t offer a quote over the phone or online – but our in-store Agents are standing by to help.

Tech Hubs

To get a repair, you can come to one of our 12 Tech Hubs across the UK and we’ll aim to get your phone fixed and back to you within 48 hours. Our Tech Hubs have sophisticated onsite repair facilities manned by our expert Geek Squad Agents, and as long as we have all the required parts in stock, we aim to get your phone back to you within 48 hours.

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14-Day Standard Repair

You can drop your phone off at any one of over 1,000 Carphone Warehouse stores, where your handset will be sent away for repair and ready for collection within 14 days. You can find your nearest store here. – Remember to bring proof of purchase.

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Manufacturers & Prices

Repairs and replacements will be free if your phone and the fault are covered by warranty. Prices for out-of-warranty repairs out of warranty will vary depending on your mobile phone’s make and model, as well as the type of repair you require. Guide prices are listed on our brand brand-specific repair pages where possible, which you can reach using the tabs above.

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If you can, take your phone to any one of our Tech Hubs or to one of over 1,000 Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK.

If you take your phone to Carphone Warehouse, they’ll send it to our central repairs facility to be assessed, and fixed where possible. We aim to reunite you with your phone within 14 days.

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What kind of mobile phone repairs do we carry out?

We can fix most mobile phone faults and problems, including:

  • Any defects covered by your phone’s warranty
  • Screen replacement, e.g. if your screen has smashed/ or stopped responding
  • Water damage, e.g. if you’ve dropped or splashed your phone in liquid. Please bear in mind, however, that most water damage is beyond repair
  • Broken casings, e.g. if you’ve dropped your phone
  • Non-working handsets, e.g. battery or charging issues
  • Software fixes, e.g. upgrades and factory resets
  • Hardware repairs, e.g. speaker or /microphone repairs and keypad problems

Please be aware, however, that we are unable to repair any waterproof phones in-store – these will be sent to our repair hub.