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Phone Screen RepairBroken, cracked or smashed phone screen repairs

If your mobile phone has a broken, scratched or cracked screen, you'll want to get it professionally fixed - fast. We offer phone screen repairs and replacements, and if your device is still under warranty, our repairs service won't void it, unlike other high street repairers.

Geek Squad is the repairs and tech support provider for Carphone Warehouse and we have 13 specialist mobile phone repair shops based in selected Carphone Warehouse stores through the UK.

When you trust your phone repair to Geek Squad you know your phone is in safe hands – because we specialise in fixing smartphone screen disasters, including cracked/smashed glass, broken digitizers and faulty LCD displays.

Geek Squad insurance customers are covered for accidental damage and faults, so if you have a policy with us, simply submit a claim online.

phone screen repair image of broken screen

What brands can we repair or replace?

Our Express Phone Repair Centres can repair and replace cracked glass screens on most smartphones. Some of the more popular brands that we repair or replace include:

  • iPhone - for broken iPhone screens, we will generally replace your phone with a factory refurbished unit
  • Samsung - we offer screen replacement for most Samsung models

We also repair phones with broken screens made by the following brands:

Please note, waterproof handsets (e.g. some Sony Xperia Z models) will have to be sent to our central repairs facility.

Why get a phone screen repair from us?

We can offer phone screen repairs even if you didn’t buy your phone from Carphone Warehouse – just remember to bring your original receipt. Some of the reasons for trusting us with your phone screen repair include:

  • No-obligation, free assessments and quotes.
  • We repair broken smartphone screens both in and out of warranty.
  • We are manufacturer-accredited and authorised to replace broken phone screens and use genuine parts.
  • If your phone is still in warranty, our screen replacement will not void your warranty.
  • All our repairs carry a 90 day guarantee.
  • Our Express Repairs Centres can replace most cracked phone screens onsite, or we can swap your broken phone for a refurbished like-for-like replacement.

How much will it cost to get your broken phone screen repaired by us?

If your phone screen is not working, we can repair or replace your screen but a charge will apply in most cases - if the screen repair required is due to a fault covered by warranty then, depending on the make and model, we may be able to repair or replace it free of charge. Any charges will depend on the brand and model of your phone. We provide free quotes on all repairs and replacements and guide prices can be found on brand-specific pages.

As a guide, a scratched/broken screen on iPhone 5 phones will require a replacement handset, costing £186.99. Blackberry phones also must be replaced, so the cost will be £169.99. However, where we can simply replace a screen, costs will be lower - an example is the Samsung S3 Mini, with a screen replacement cost of £79.99.

Where can you take your mobile phone to have the screen fixed by us?

Geek Squad Express Phone Repair Centres (inside selected Carphone Warehouse stores)

  • 13 Phone Repair Tech Hubs in selected Carphone Warehouse stores.
  • Onsite screen repairs and replacements for some makes & models.
  • We aim to have your broken mobile phone screen fixed and your device returned to you within 48 hours.
  • Make a reservation

Carphone Warehouse stores

  • Over 700 Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK
  • Send away service for all software and hardware repairs.
  • We aim to have your repaired phone back in your hands within 14 working days.