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Water Damaged phone repairsWe can assess liquid damaged phones

If your mobile phone has been damaged by water or any other liquid, you'll want to find out fast if it can be repaired. Here at Geek Squad, we're phone repair specialists, and can find the best solution to the problem.

We provide repairs and support to Carphone Warehouse, with 14 specialist mobile phone repair shops based in selected Carphone Warehouse stores throughout the UK, as well as one of the largest mobile phone repair centres in Europe.

Repairs are usually only possible when water damage is minimal. In most cases, a water damaged phone will be beyond repair. But we can still help by recommending a new handset.

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What brands of phone can we assess for water damage?

We can cast our expert eye over almost all types of phone, including:

  • iPhone (Note: Under Apple warranty, we cannot open up the actual handset for repairs, and in cases where iPhones can be replaced, it will be for an Apple-refurbished, as-new model.)
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Blackberry
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • Sony

Why get your water damaged phone assessed by us?

We can help to diagnose your phone if it’s been:

  • Splashed by liquid
  • Dropped in water
  • Damaged by rain
  • Left in a damp place
  • Affected by condensation/moisture.

We are specialists in mobile phone repair, and if your phone’s been damaged by liquid, we can tell you whether or not your phone is recoverable

Where can you take your water damaged phone to be assessed?

Geek Squad Express Phone Repair Centres (inside selected Carphone Warehouse stores)

  • Make a reservation at one of our 14 Express Phone Repair Centres and one of our Geek Squad agents can take an expert look at your phone and suggest a solution.

Carphone Warehouse stores

  • You can drop your phone off at any Carphone Warehouse store and we can send it away to our central repairs facility to be assessed by our experts.

How much will it cost to repair or replace your water damaged phone?

Unfortunately, in many cases, a water damaged phone will be beyond repair – effectively making it a write off. If this is the case, our agents can assist you in picking a new phone. They have written reviews on all the latest handsets and you can find these in our mobile phone reviews section.

And, as the repairs and support provider for Carphone Warehouse, they can offer the best tariffs and handsets around.

We may also be able to offer you cash for your faulty phone with our trade-in service. Sell your phone to us now.

If the water damage is minor, we offer a no-obligation quote for all repairs.