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Geek Squad Community Guidelines

Commenting on an article

While we encourage people to share their views about the latest tech, we recognise that everyone has their own (sometimes strongly held) views on their favourite products, likes and dislikes. For this reason we moderate comments to ensure they fall within our guidelines.

As a rule of thumb, we want our website to be informative and fun at all times - there is no room for any comments that are irrelevant or abusive in any way and we work hard to ensure our website stays that way.

  • Relevancy: All comments should relate to the product in the article. Any comments not relating to the product will be removed.
  • Reply: Use this to reply to a specific comment.
  • Vote Up/Down: You can use the up and down arrows under each comment to promote comments that you like to the top of the list.
  • Share: Click the "Share" link to share the comment on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Flag: Use the down arrow on the right hand side of a comment to report a post to the moderators. Use it on spam comments, personal attacks, and abusive racist or sexist language.

What you can’t do

Most of these are no brainers. But we thought we’d better list them anyway – just in case! Please note that this list is not comprehensive. Our moderators have the final word and reserve the right to remove anything they deem inappropriate.

  • Not relevant
  • Spam
  • Promoting illegal activities
  • Pornography
  • Personal attacks
  • Abusive/nasty/foul language
  • Trolling
  • Multiple accounts