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FCA Settlement

This web page is designed to provide Geek Squad customers with information and details of how to get in touch with us to discuss their insurance policies.

Geek Squad / Carphone Warehouse Customers

FCA Investigation into Historic Geek Squad Mobile Phone Insurance Selling

The Financial Conduct Authority has concluded an investigation into historic Geek Squad Mobile Phone Insurance selling processes in Carphone Warehouse stores. The FCA’s investigation has focussed specifically on selling processes between December 2008 and June 2015 and has found some areas where, in that period, they consider that Carphone Warehouse did not meet expected standards.

As a result of these findings, the FCA has imposed a fine on the company.

It’s clear that in a number of cases between 2008 and June 2015 we didn’t meet the standards our customers expect and - as the FCA has acknowledged - since 2015, Carphone Warehouse has made significant improvements to its sales processes, complaints handling and monitoring. Carphone Warehouse has worked very closely with the FCA throughout their investigations.

If you currently have a Geek Squad Insurance policy or had one in the past and would like to speak to someone about this, the best way of getting in touch with us is by filling in your details below and we’ll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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