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Sell your broken phone to Geek Squad

Do you have a faulty or damaged smartphone? Why not sell it to Geek Squad? We offer a quick, simple trade-in service for damaged or broken handsets, if you'd like to recycle your broken phone for money.

Here at Geek Squad, we can value your broken mobile phone and give you a fair price for it – and we’ll put the money into your account via bank transfer, so no waiting around for cheques in the post.

We are part of Carphone Warehouse and broken phone recycling will be processed through the Carphone Warehouse company.

If your phone has a fault or damage, including water damage (see our FAQs for damage not included), why not find out how much you could sell it for? And if you need a new handset, you'll find the best deals at Carphone Warehouse.

Can I sell my broken phone to Geek Squad?

We offer trade ins on a huge range of brands, including the most popular, such as:

Check if we trade in your phone using our trade in search. It's simple and fast to get a quote for selling your broken phone.

What types of damaged or broken phone can we recycle?

We accept broken phones with a number of faults. You’ll be able to trade in your mobile with us if it:

  • Won’t power up, or
  • Isn’t fully functional, or
  • Has a damaged screen, case or buttons, or
  • Has been damaged by water, and
  • Isn’t crushed or bent, and
  • Has no components missing.

As long as your mobile phone fits the above criteria, then you’ll be able to sell your damaged phone to us for its estimated value.

Why sell my broken phone to Geek Squad?

Geek Squad is a trusted brand in the UK and is part of Carphone Warehouse - we have repairs & support Agents in over 100 Carphone Warehouse stores across the UK. We transfer your money quickly after receiving your broken phone so you won't be waiting long for payment. And if you choose to trade-in a broken phone in-store, you can find your next handset straight away - you could even use the money you get for your broken phone to help pay for a new one!

How can I sell my broken phone to Geek Squad?

To find out how much your device is worth, all you’ll need to do is enter your mobile phone’s brand, model or IMEI/Serial number and we’ll tell you its value. We’ll send you a postage-paid package, which you can then put your handset in and send back to us. As soon as we’ve received your phone, we’ll transfer the money into your account – so you’ll have the cash within 3 working days!

You can visit our FAQs page for more trade in-related queries.